Semi Formal Hairstyles

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Swept back hair looks more formal.

There are some situations that call for semi formal hairstyles, not formal styles. There are many different styles at your disposal for beautiful special occasion looks without getting totally formal.

Different Types of Semi Formal Hairstyles

There are many lovely types of semi formal looks you can try for your hair, no matter what the occasion.

Half Up, Half Down

Half updos look ravishing with little effort. Get the look by:

  1. Making sure your hair hasn't been washed in at least two days. Hair with more oil in it will hold the style better.
  2. Grab your largest set of hair curlers, divide your hair into sections, and secure with a clip. Your hair can either be free of hair products, or if you have a favorite product, you can apply it. The key factor to keep in mind is that a styling aid is not necessary to achieve this look.
  3. Once you've rolled your hair, let it sit for at least 40 minutes.
  4. When the time is up, unroll the curlers and comb through your hair with your fingers, not a comb or brush.
  5. Gather the front portion of your hair (the part near your temples) and while gathered, push it up to the top of your crown.
  6. Once you have sufficient height, secure with a pretty, but durable, clip.

You can finish up the look with a quick spirtz of hair spray. If your hair is slipping down, look for a stronger clip. If you can't seem to achieve enough height, gather your hair once again, use a comb to tease the under portion of your hair, smooth the top portion down slightly, and then fasten with a hair clip.

A Loose Bun

A loose bun is a great semi formal look because it looks and works great no matter the season. There are two ways you can achieve the loose bun look:

  • Gather all of your hair, twist it up and wrap it around and secure with a clip, or pins.
  • If you are having difficulty, first gather your hair into a high, but loose ponytail, secure with a hair tie, and then twist into a coil.

Keep in mind that this is loose style, so if you spy a few tendrils peeking out, that's fine. After all, if your hair was smooth and slicked back, with every strand neatly in place that would be more reminiscent of a formal look than a semi formal one.

High Ponytail

Speaking of smooth, slicked back looks, if you've never dared to wear a high ponytail, it's time you tried. What other hair style can elongate your neck, display your collarbone to its dainty perfection, and give you an instant face life? A high set ponytail. This is an exceedingly simple hair style to do, but it always looks neat and professional. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail, but tie the elastic or ribbon closer to the crown of your head than the nape of your neck.

Depending on the situation, you can dress this look up or down with jewelry, easily matching a formal or semi formal occasion.

Additional Hair Options

Another way to embody the semi formal look is to play with your part. A few techniques you can utilize are:

  • Side part: If you normally wear your hair in a middle part, consider a side part. Not only will the style look fresh, but side parts also tend to look more polished than middle parts.
  • Side part with a clip: Hair that's kept off the face tends to look more formal, while hair that's in the face appears more casual. The side part with one side clipped back blends the best of both worlds.
  • Middle part with both sides clipped: If side parts don't suit your face shape but middle parts do, keep the middle part and clip back the two sides (part near your temples).

If you don't want to wear any hair clips, you can slip on a pretty headband. One that has tiny pearls or jewels will also help you to look formal, but not too formal.

Putting It All Together

Semi formal hair styles are incredibly versatile, and contrary to what many may believe, are fairly simple to do. The best part about these styles is that you don't need many styling aids, nor do you need the talents of a hair professional. Instead, practice wearing your hair in one of these styles so that you can get used to it, and observe how well it meshes with your face shape. This way, when the special event arrives, you'll be ready with a hair style that flatters your features and helps you look your best.

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