Shaved Eyebrows

How much do you really know about hair removal?

Removing facial hair is nothing new, but shaved eyebrows are a contemporary trend that many people are embracing as they strive to find the perfect eyebrow shapes. But before picking up a razor, it is important to understand how shaving can affect eyebrows and how to shave correctly.

Why Shave?

Many people can understand shaving different parts of the body, including legs, armpits, chest and even an occasional head shave, but when thinking about eyebrows, many people wonder why shave them at all.

The truth is, many people have irregularly shaped brows or brows that are too thick, too close together, or otherwise uneven. Plucking is one solution to these problems, but it can be tedious and painful, and so can eyebrow waxing. Shaved brows can be achieved much more quickly and give individuals the option of recreating brows exactly as they want with minimal hassle.

How to Shave Your Eyebrows

With the proximity of brows to the delicate eye, shaving them can be tricky. For best results…

  • Hydrate the eyebrow thoroughly before shaving. Taking a shower or bath before shaving (and keeping the steam in the bathroom) is one of the best preparation methods.
  • Use only the sharpest razor so the hair can be removed quickly and without multiple strokes that can irritate skin.
  • If brows are very thick, consider trimming them beforehand with clippers so the razor can work more effectively.
  • Be sure the razor is clean to avoid potential razor burn infections.
  • Use shaving cream as a lubricant rather than plain soap; the cream will hold its shape and will not run into the eye as easily.
  • Shave first in the same direction as the brow's growth, then use a second stroke against the growth to remove remaining stubble.
  • Avoid redrawing brows or applying makeup immediately if possible; creams and powders can clog pores and irritate skin.

Partial or Full Shave?

One of the most important questions to ask if you are considering shaved brows is whether you want a partial or a full shave. A partial shave can help tame a unibrow (eyebrows that meet over the bridge of the nose) or can be used to shape unruly brows. Some individuals even prefer a styled partial shave, creating a slash or other simple pattern across the brow as a highlight.A full shave, then, removes all eyebrow hair. This is a preferable option if you are dissatisfied with the shape or position of your brows and you plan to replace them with fake eyebrows or if you will draw in new brows.

Replacing Shaved Eyebrows

Once shaved, it is easy to replace eyebrows with a more desirable shape, color, or thickness. There are several options for replacing shaved brows, including:

  • Using eyebrow stencils to easily create a new shape.
  • Drawing a new shape in freehand with brow powder, eyeliner, or eyebrow pencils (you should only try this if you are experienced with how to create a natural-looking brow).
  • Attaching fake eyebrows to the brow line.

When recreating your brows, be sure to investigate which eyebrow shape works best for your facial structure and the image you want to present; a poorly drawn shape can be far more distracting and unnatural than the brows you just shaved away.

Problems with Shaved Eyebrows

Before opting for a quick shave, it is important to understand the drawbacks of shaving your eyebrows. First, eyebrows provide a protective barrier to the eye by trapping sweat, dust, and oil from the hair and scalp and preventing it from spilling into the eye - without brows, you could be more uncomfortable. The eyebrow area is also highly sensitive and may develop rashes, infections, or razor burn after shaving. Because the eyebrows are one of the most expressive parts of the face, their absence may create a drastic change that will be easily noticed and could be awkward as people comment on it.

Furthermore, as the brows grow back, they may appear uneven and very short hairs will not lie flat, giving them a spiked appearance. Because shaved brows are unusual, they could also create a conflict with professional dress standards: companies with strict grooming guidelines may frown upon shaved brows, and schools may not permit this type of personal expression because of concerns about gang symbolism.

It is a myth that shaved eyebrows will never grow back; shaving does not damage the hair follicle as plucking does, and shaving is more convenient for many people. By understanding how to properly shave brows and knowing what problems may arise, individuals can choose whether this seemingly drastic measure is a suitable part of their personal style regimen.

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