Short Black Hair Style Pictures

Short Hairstyles

Whether natural or relaxed, there are numerous short hair style options for African-American women and men. Whether you're looking for something low maintenance or a more involved style, there are many great looks to choose among.

Tight Clip

If you want a hair style that doesn't require any daily upkeep, consider going with a super-short cut. This tight clip requires no daily styling routine, but does need frequent trims to keep it to the right length.


Men have the option of taking it even tighter to the scalp for a very clean-cut look. This clip is done on a 1 or 2 setting to get very close to the scalp. It also requires frequent trims to look its best.

Pixie Cut

Those with relaxed or naturally straight hair may want to consider a pixie cut. This short hairstyle leaves a soft, pointed fringe on the forehead giving the entire look a feminine appearance that enhances the eyes.


Keeping your hair short and natural gives you lots of opportunities to play with volume and gravity. This short, shaped afro frames the face and balances out a fuller face.

Men's Afro

Men have the option of going a little longer while still keeping their hair on the short side with a natural afro. The key to this look is not shaping it so tightly as the woman's, but letting it have more freedom.

Side-Swept Bangs

If you relax your hair, but want something a little longer than a pixie, consider growing out the front and top into a side swept bang. This soft look can be combed down onto the forehead, or grown out just long enough to tuck behind the ear.

Two-Strand Twists

Twists are a great way to transition your hair from relaxed to natural, or to protect it after a lot of chemical treatments. If you're growing your hair out, this type of hairdo can be a great way to get through some awkward stages.

Twist Out

After you've had short twists for a while, consider undoing them for a twist out and get corkscrew curls that frame the face.

Men's Twist Out

Men can use the same techniques as women to twist and protect their hair. For an edgier look, brush or comb the twists when they come out to add texture to the hair.


Another protective hairstyle involves tightly coiling your hair against your head. This hairstyle works best on very short hair lengths, but is also a fun way to add some texture to slightly longer hair as well.

Tight Coils

Tight coils can be great protective hairstyle for both men and women, particularly if the hair is fragile or has been chemically treated before. Men coiling their hair should wear it tight to the head for a professional look.


Because short hair needs frequent trims to keep its shape, you may want to experiment with color when your hair is short. It's an ideal time to try something new, as any damaged areas are likely to get trimmed away fast. Adding some color to an ordinary hairstyle helps to give it an entirely new look.

Keeping your hair short is just one way to style it. Experiment with a number of different lengths and looks until you find the one that's right for you.

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Short Black Hair Style Pictures