Short Hair Style Pictures

Considering a Short Style

When you're ready to make the cut, the following short hairstyles will prove your efforts worthy. From a classic pixie to a messy bob, short hairstyles can still be feminine and easy to style.

If you're on the fence about cropping your locks, book an appointment with your stylist to find out which cuts will flatter your hair type and facial features. This particular cut combines the ease of very short hair with a few face-framing pieces and bangs. If you're thinking of going from short to very short all over but want to ease into it, this is the cut for you.

Classic Crop

This confident style is perfect for home or office. Vibrant brunette color kicks up the cut while natural wave adds some style. The cut and the short bangs really showcase the eyes. If you want to highlight your facial features, consider a chic and timeless style like this classic crop.

Basic Bob Cut

A bob is one of the most classic and timeless choices for short hair. This cut is flattering to almost every facial shape and hair type. Whether you're growing out a pixie cut or chopping off a few inches, a mid-length short style such as the bob will serve as a great mid-point cut. For added interest, play with color and highlights.

Bob With Bangs

If a basic bob isn't your thing, add bangs and transform your style with a bit of edge and rocker gal appeal. The bold blonde color and edgy bangs add sharp and unique interest to the cut. A blow-dryer and a flat iron will help keep this blunt shape chic. Add some gloss serum for a hint of shine.

Spiky Style

Some women can rock spikes, making shorter hair ideal. If your hair has lots of natural texture, you may want to consider using the weight for some lift. Spiked styles are confident and dramatic, and look killer when teamed up with a sexy pair of heels. You'll want to rely on styling products and daily efforts to create this look, but if you're ready to make a major statement with your short hair, this is it.

Short Curls

Short curly styles can be ideal for summer or when you need an easy-care look. Whether your hair has natural curls or you are a fan of perms, a short and wavy layered look like this is a stylish, low-maintenance option.

Natural Texture

Some women don't want to fight their natural texture. You can embrace it by wearing your hair naturally to bring out its curl. Keeping naturally curly or kinky hair short can help make it easier to manage. You can go neck or ear length for more versatility, or go for a close crop for the most minimal maintenance. Let your hair air dry and be sure to keep your hands off to prevent frizz.

Layered Pixie Cut

A layered pixie can be a great look for many women. Style your hair with the bangs brushed forward in a side sweep to keep your cut flirty, feminine and anything but boyish.

Chin-Length Style

A chin-length style is a great option because it can look either polished or casual. A straight style in this length can look very sleek, while a curly, wavy, or flipped style can add a slightly more fun and casual feel. Simply switching from a center to a side part can also quickly change up this cut.

Short Bi-Level Cut

Go for maximum coolness and ease with a bi-level haircut that's above your ears in the front and that frames the nape of your neck in the back. This easy wash-and-wear style is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance look and works well for the hottest months of the year.

Undercut Style

Try this spin on an undercut style. Make the longer top sections a drastically different shade than the shorter hair under them for an eye-catching look. It's like the edgier, short-haired gal's solution to ombre, and it's sure to turn heads.

Wispy and Romantic

Sometimes it seems as if the media are trying to suggest that only long hair can be romantic, sensual, or even sexy. This cut is the perfect example of why that's not true, with its wispy face-framing pieces. Short hair is all of those things. For this look, warm a small amount of lightweight hair putty or wax in your fingertips and run it through the ends of your hair after it's dry, tugging them in the direction you want them to go as you work.

Height and Volume

Keep the top section long and volumize the roots for a trendy, feminine style without a lot of length. Longer bangs can accentuate the eyes, but you won't have to fuss with hair accessories and long styling times (unless you want to).

Retro Flair

If you watch any shows about (or from) the 1960s, there's a good chance you'll see a bob hairstyle that falls just below the chin, has plenty of volume, and features a little flip at the bottom. Take inspiration from there, but make it modern by keeping it a little tousled (go light on the hairspray!), asking for a little layering to help with the volume, and opting for a side-swept bang.

Short Bob With Bangs

A short, slightly angled bob with bangs can play up your eyes and cheekbones simultaneously. The bangs are the perfect balanace between thick and wispy, so you get the weight to hold them in place and the playfulness a wispier bang can provide.

Sporty Style

If you love sports, want at least a little length, but hate the feeling of sweaty hair against your neck and face, try a short cut like this one. There's still enough length, especially on the side opposite the deep part, to have fun with hair accessories if you like to use them, but you get to focus on your sport of choice without dealing with the weight of a ponytail or long hair stuck to your skin. All it takes to manage this look is a blow dryer and a small round brush, plus a lightweight gel (while hair is damp) for hold and shine.

Asymmetrical Style

For a modern style, go for an edgy haircut that's very short in the back, but that leaves longer wisps framing your face. Ask your stylist for different ways to wear this cut and have fun with it!

There are plenty of advantages to short hair and a variety of looks as well, making it easy to choose one that works with your face shape, personality, and lifestyle.

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Short Hair Style Pictures