Short Haircut Makeover

Woman with a short, layered haircut
A short, layered bob is a classic style to choose.

Are you ready to take the plunge and get a short haircut makeover? Short hair can flatter a variety of facial shapes and bone structures, and it can be very liberating, especially if the daily task of styling becomes burdensome. Before you head to the stylist for a short style, however, consider whether or not making the snip will fit your lifestyle and styling needs.

Benefits of a Short Haircut Makeover

Many women decide to get a makeover when change is due. Whether it is for a new job, the end of a romantic relationship, or out of pure boredom, a makeover can rejuvenate your self-esteem and add a new element to your personality.

Many women fear the thought of short hair for good reason, once hair is cut short it can take months, if not years, to grow back out. Going short is a bold move, but many women who have made the snip have found they're happier than ever with their time-saving low maintenance styles.

Women who struggle with their hair type may also find a short cut is the best way to deal with their styling challenges. Curly hair types and ethnic hair can be easier to manage at a shorter length. In addition to hair texture, hair type and condition can play a role when deciding to go short. Women with fine locks may find a short style adds volume and fullness to their style, while those with damaged hair due to heat and chemical processing may decide snipping off their length will restore the integrity of their style. There are many reasons to delve into the world of short hair, and short hair styles are limitless!

Popular Short Styles

Once you've decided to get a short haircut makeover, you'll need to find a short hair style that will work for your hair type and styling needs. The following short styles can be cut to the desired length and colored for even more flair.

Woman with short face-framing haircut
Tapered ends frame your face.
  • Bob: Bob haircuts are usually the first option for women going short. Bobs can be mid length or short, and adding technical details such as inversion or stacked layers helps to extend their styling abilities. A bob is a classic and timeless hairstyle that requires daily styling to look its best. This short haircut may be the foundation cut as you graduate into an even shorter cut. Many people consider classic bobbed hair to be elegant and very chic.
  • Crop: For those ready to take the plunge without limits, a crop or pixie cut is the way to go. A cropped pixie style is extremely low maintenance, yet works on many women. Delicate facial features tend to work best with this cut, but that doesn't mean you can't make the snip regardless. Women with cropped hair can also explore the world of hair color with reckless abandon.
  • Buzzed: A buzzed look is the extreme form of a short cut, yet this style works on many women. Those going through life changes or illness may find a buzzed cut offers them some form of control. Buzzed hair is liberating and empowering and makes a statement of confidence. There is obviously zero styling effort in this cut, so those seeking that option may consider a buzzed cut.
  • Layered: A short, layered style can be adapted for many hair types and styles. Lightly layered or tapered ends can frame the face and define feminine features such as the eyes or lips. For those seeking a short cut with a wispy edge, a layered style is always the best option. Cut to the desired length, a layered short style can offer instant change while maintaining some of the traditional softness of a medium or long haircut.

Test the Waters

Before you make the committed cut, consider using a free virtual hair makeover program to find a short haircut that flatters your facial shape and features. Another option to determine if a style works for you is to test out wigs in your chosen shape. Once you've found the style you desire and are ready for change, visit an experienced hairstylist and communicate your style idea with as many pictures as possible.

For some women, a short haircut makeover is best made in steps of graduated lengths, while others find diving into the world of short hair cold turkey is exciting and offers little time for reconsideration. Whichever avenue you choose, if you're ready for change, take the much needed risk and make the cut!

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