Hair Styles for Growing Out Short Hair to Medium Hair

Short Medium Curls

One of the most trying situations out there when it comes to hair is waiting for it to grow out and trying to find short medium hair styles. Every woman has had that time in her life where her hair wasn't exactly short and yet not exactly long either. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get through this awkward growing phase.

Layers are More Than They Used to Be

While most people think of the original Jennifer Aniston 'do when they think of layers, the truth of the matter is that layers are now much more varied and versatile. Long layers, short layers, back layers, face framing layers: whatever ones you choose to get, there are plenty of options that compliment short medium hair styles.

Straight Hair with Layers

If your hair is short to medium length and straight, then you should get your hair texturized to add body. Keep your hair from looking limp and lifeless by also adding face-framing layers that will give you a softer look. This is an easily manageable hairstyle that you are sure to love.

Curly and Wavy Hair with Layers

Many people think that if your hair is curly, then you can't get layers, but you definitely can! In fact, it is vital to curly hair so that your hair style has definition added to it. After getting layers, be sure to use your usual styling products to keep your hair well behaved.

Layering curly or wavy hair will also cut down on blow drying time and give you a fun look on days that you decide to wear it straight.

Adding Daytime Pizzazz to Short Medium Hair Styles


The best part of short medium styles is that you can have a lot of versatility with your hair without having to put in a lot of work. Try flipping the ends out by using a round brush during blow drying, and then a large barreled curling iron to top it off. You can also turn the ends under by reversing the direction in which you blow dry and curl, and lastly you can blow dry in different directions to get a fun, windblown look that is still full of style. Pinning half of your hair back with fun barrettes or a classy headband are accents that you can add to your daily look without ever looking sloppy or outdated. Consider all of the fun hair decorations out there on the market that are perfect for short medium hair styles.

Nighttime Drama with Short Medium Hair Styles

Consider jazzing up a typical ponytail for short medium style nighttime fun. Anchor a tightly fastened ponytail to the middle back of your head and then use a light gel to fan the end pieces up and out.

You can also twist pieces of loose hair coming out of the ponytail and secure the little knots with hair pins. This will give you a fun and unique look that others are sure to imitate.

An Alternative

If your every day short medium hair styles are driving you crazy and you just can't find inspiration, remember that there is always the option of hair extensions. You can purchase clip on ones or go to a professional salon to get them woven into your hair for a more permanent long hair look.

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Hair Styles for Growing Out Short Hair to Medium Hair