Sienna Miller Hair

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is so iconic with her bohemian fashion and trend setting image, it's no surprise that Sienna Miller hair is just as coveted.

Sienna Miller is fabulously low key and chic when it comes to her Indie hair style. Rather than mess with perfection, Sienna works an au natural look as much as possible. Her fashion inspirations are always a little rebellious and sexy, and her hair highlights her unique ability to make practically anything look cool. If you envy this gal's uncanny knack of looking polished in an unpolished way, read on for tips to achieve her tousled and sexy look.

Blonde Inspiration

To obtain a Sienna Miller hair look, blonde is the word. No need to go platinum to get Sienna's look. Visit your hairdresser and request chunky highlights. If you already have blonde hair, add some lowlights along with pale blonde highlights for added definition and texture.

A word on maintenance: fear not the roots as they grow out, a little outgrowth with this style works. If you seek a low maintenance version of Sienna's color, alternate lowlights with highlights at each salon visit. Blending darker hair with lighter hair every other trip to the salon will make outgrowth less visible and more intentional, the precise formula that Sienna rocks.

Sienna Miller Hair Style

Sienna always changes her style. Never afraid to make the cut, Sienna made herself known in the entertainment world with long and loose locks, only to later chop them all off fearlessly, channeling a look similar to Twiggy.

Not every girl has the confidence or the desire to work a short and cropped do, thankfully Sienna has shared her inspirations by working all hair lengths.

There's several ways to style hair like Sienna. Think texture and wave and remember that to achieve that messy bed head look that Sienna is famous for, day old hair always works best. Pick your length and get ready to go boho!

Short and Sweet

Sienna proved how cool it was to go short without inhibitions. If you'd like to mimic Sienna's pixie style, get ready to have some fun! Short and cropped hair saves a bundle of styling time each and every morning and looks fabulously sweet and feminine when paired with the right fashion choices.

The trick to making the cut? Stay feminine! There's a bit of fear associated with cropped cuts. Many gals fear cutting long locks takes away from their girly side. Not so! Consider short hair as a different way to make your jewelry the focal point. Sienna always sports unique jewelry pieces such as chandelier earrings and silver hoops. Accessorize your cropped do and feel liberated all at the same time! Shop antique stores and thrift shops for fabulous jewelry pieces that will show off your new cropped do.

Sassy and Chic

Medium length haired gals can wear Sienna's feminine and natural look with little effort. Spritz hair with a texturizing spray and air dry locks. For wavy hair gals, finish ends of hair with a curling iron to create an even wave pattern. For those going straight, focus on shine and add a dollop of glossing serum to the mid shaft and ends of hair to highlight blonde locks.

Long and Loose

A seventies inspired hairstyle is the basis for Sienna's long and loose locks. To work this bohemian style, keep hair healthy and book regular trims.

Feel free to sport wavy or straight locks, just keep your style interesting and unique. Braid hair for a wavy and loose knotted style, or tuck your tendrils under a beret for a look that is both artsy and cool. Keep your look fabulous with unique accessories that play up your look with an urban edge.

Everyday Effort

Regardless of the length or the type of hair you have, anyone can work a Sienna Miller style just by being creative and fearless in fashion trends and hair styling. Try something different each and every day. Spend a few more minutes throwing loose wavy locks into a unique up do style, or spend an extra fifteen minutes with a straightening iron to perfect a straight style.

Wear bold jewelry, fashion hats and minimal makeup, and feel the groove of this laid back style!

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Sienna Miller Hair