15 Chestnut Hair Color Ideas for Gorgeous Warmth & Dimension

Chestnut Hair Color


Chestnut is a rich, warm shade of brunette hair with red and gold undertones, and these pictures of chestnut hair color will show that there are many ways to use this fabulous hair color for a beautiful hair style that shows off your personal flair.

Of course, there are many shades of chestnut, from light reddish brown to rich dark amber tones. Choosing the right chestnut hair color for you is the first step to enjoying this beautiful hue.

The Warmth of Classic Chestnut


The rich shades of red in chestnut hair are perfectly suited to long, luxurious waves and look especially beautiful with green eyes and freckles. Adding layers to your style will help highlight this beautiful color. Pinks and corals may not be the first colors that come to mind when you think about what to wear with chestnut hair, but this hair color pairs well with a wide range of shades.

Chestnut Hair and Blue Eyes


If you have blue eyes and you're looking for a new hair color, consider chestnut. The rich, warm tones in the shade will bring out your baby blues just like warm-toned eye makeup. Pair a bronze smoky eye with your new look and your eyes will stand out like never before.

Deep Chestnut Curls


While light and medium chestnut shades are often seen on fair to light-medium skin tones, deeper skin tones can also wear chestnut well. These gorgeous curls have hints of red in their deep brown shade and make her skin glow.

Muted Chestnut


Here's a muted chestnut shade that has hints of red that are more understated than some other examples. The long, layered look combined with the softness of the color give off a casual girl-next-door vibe.

Chestnut Volume


Give your classic chestnut shade a glam edge with volume all over. Use a root boosting product and volumizing mousse, then blow-dry with a large round brush. The bounce in your hair will help it catch the light and bring out the red highlights.

Chestnut Highlights


If you have darker chocolate brown hair, you can add a touch of lightness with chestnut highlights. This will give your hair a sun-kissed look that is perfect for summer or to add flair to any special occasion hair style. It's also less of a commitment (especially with a balayage technique) than all-over color. If you love dimension in your hair color and want to add a little brightness without going fully blonde, this is one way you could go.

Golden Chestnut


Chesnut hair often veers farther into red territory than golden, but golden chestnut hair is beautiful on tan or medium skin tones. This style features thick, blunt bangs with the softness of layers to balance them out. To make this style look its best, regular trims are a must, as are regular conditioning treatments for hair health. After blow-drying the hair (and using a flat iron, if necessary), follow up with a shine serum or spray.

Medium Chestnut


A medium shade of chestnut hair color will often have obvious red tones. This is a great color choice for someone with a light complexion because the hair color will not be as overwhelming as a darker hue. It's beautiful on all ages, too. Here, the hair is kept in a shoulder-length, loosely curled bob for a classic look that would be flattering with a variety of face shapes and features.

Sexy Color


The richness of chestnut color makes it the perfect choice for a sexy hair style such as sultry waves or long, loose locks. A deep shade of healthy chestnut hair with hints of red and/or gold will reflect light and look mesmerizing on its own. No fancy highlights or coloring techniques are necessary.

Carefree Chestnut


Carefree chestnut locks can give off the same casual, the-sun-did-this vibe as beachy blonde balayage if you keep your layers long and the texture a little tousled. When dark hair lightens naturally in the sun, there's usually a reddish or gold tone to the new shade, so this can look natural. Wavy hair will work best with this color and style combination, but you can always add loose curls if your hair is straight and get the same effect.

Sophisticated Color


Think everyone who wants to color over gray goes blonde as they get older? Chestnut is a beautiful alternative. The warmth of the red and gold tones and depth of color may be more flattering than light brown or blonde on some skin tones, and there's less upkeep than there would be with a true red hair color (red tends to fade faster than any other color).

Hints of Chestnut


The deepest brown shades can be broken up and given dimension with hints of dark chestnut. Here, the red tones show up best in the light and may not be as evident indoors as they are in the sun. However, their presence adds warmth to her overall appearance and gives her curls more visual interest.

Chestnut Hair and Brown Eyes


Chestnut hair looks beautiful on most skin tones and makes blue eyes glow for obvious reasons according to the color wheel, but it can also bring out brown eyes, making them seem warmer and friendlier, especially when bangs are involved. This long, wavy bob with bangs not only puts the spotlight on the model's eyes, but also makes her seem approachable.

Natural Chestnut Hair


If you are fortunate enough to have natural chestnut hair color, enjoy it! It's a beautiful menagerie of brown, gold, and red that can be challenging to get from a bottle (a salon visit is safer than the DIY option). Choose a hairstyle that is right for your face shape and be proud of your stunning hair color. Looking for more oomph? You can always brighten up with a few face-framing highlights or even a few subtle lowlights in a deeper brown shade.

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15 Chestnut Hair Color Ideas for Gorgeous Warmth & Dimension