Pictures of Hair Styles for Round Faces

Round Face Hair Styles

Any gallery of pictures of hair styles for round faces will show that no matter how round one's cheeks may be, stylish and elegant hair can emphasize your best features. The key is to work with your face shape for a lovely look rather than try to hide your shape or be ashamed of it.

Soft, wispy waves, for example, complement your face's natural curves. To avoid making your face seem even rounder, though, be sure the edges of the waves are back toward your ears rather than resting on your cheeks.

Be Bold

Some women are bold about their hair style, using a sculpted, form fitting bob to show off their round face with chic, modern style. Strong emo bangs over the eyes minimize the roundness of the face while emphasizing the roundness of the hair.

Short Shag

A short shag hair style is perfect for a round face because it adds texture and definition to the hair without weighing down the face. Flipped ends at the back of the neck help balance out round facial features as well.

Long Layers

Long, layered hair naturally elongates a round face. Straight hair works best for this type of look, and avoiding heavy, blunt bangs helps add additional length to the face.

Tapered Bob Hair

A tapered bob is a fun short hair style for round face shapes. To keep from accentuating the round cheeks, make sure the tapered ends that frame the face reach to the jaw line, adding natural length to the face. A soft bang also draws attention to the eyes, away from the roundness of the cheeks.

Wispy Medium Hair

Round face shapes often feel or look bulky, and wispy layers in a medium hair style can soften the shape in a feminine, flirty way. Light colors, such as a bright blonde, are also a good choice because they brighten the face rather than cast shadows on the curves.

Hair Highlights

Adding hair highlights to hair styles for round faces will instantly brighten the look, no matter what your hair color. Choose the right hair color for you to coordinate with your complexion and eye color for an outstanding look.

Sedu Sleek Styles

A sedu straight hair style is an elegant option for round faces, particularly for long hair. This will smooth out your face, adding length and class. Avoid heavy bangs with this style, which would weigh down the stark sedu look and box in your face.

Light Layers

Light, wispy layers with a light fringe bang are perfect for round faces. The curves in the hair will complement the curves in your face, but the lightness of the style ensures that the hair stays away from your cheeks rather than adding to them.

Edgy Short Hair

An edgy short style with soft spikes adds instant volume to the crown of the head, making a round face appear more oval shaped. To avoid too much volume, keep the hair in a bed head type of style rather than straight up.

Vintage Waves

A vintage hair style such as finger waves looks sweet and demure with a round face. To keep from making the face look chunky, be sure the ends of the hair fall below the jaw line and that the waves stay away from the edge of the cheeks.

Long Layered Hair

Any long hair can help lengthen a round face, and adding subtle layers to the hair will help add volume to the crown to further elongate the face. A side part will also help control hair without adding to the roundness of the face.

Medium Length Hair

Medium hair styles are great for round faces. Layers, soft waves, side parts, and gentle bangs can all help draw attention to your beautiful eyes and fun smile instead of emphasizing round cheeks or blunt chins.

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Pictures of Hair Styles for Round Faces