Pictures of Layered Hair

Modern Pictures of Layered Hair

Although layered hair styles were popularized in the 70s with Farrah Fawcett's feathered style, many of today's styles with layers look fresh and modern. Layers can be added to almost any hair length and can offer added versatility and a range of benefits.

Long, subtle layers work beautifully in long hair length to give hair movement and life.

Add Volume

Layers are excellent at adding volume and work well for medium-length cuts. To style for added volume, blow dry with a round brush away from the face. Finish with a flexible-hold spray to keep the style soft but in place.

Wave Management

Wavy hair can be fabulous and flirty while working with the natural hair texture. Rather than straighten wavy hair, consider layers. Layers help manage unruly wave and curl. With just a dab of smoothing serum, curls will add shape and definition when layered.

Medium Flirty Layers

This flirty and feminine style is easy to recreate with layers and a medium or small barrel curling iron. A perfect feminine style for the for the gal on the go, simply curl ends outward so they flip up slightly, allow the curls to cool and brush out. A light spritz of finishing spray will keep this style casually pretty.

Long Retro Layers

If you want to keep your long locks but need some lift to ease the styling while adding pizazz to your look, long layers can help.

Use a large round brush to help curl the ends of long hair as you blow dry (apply a volumizing spray or mousse prior to styling). Keep the top of the hair in a smooth center part for a retro feel.

Razored Layers

A simple haircut can be made edgy with razored layers. Razored ends add seperation and movement to the hair. Go for a jagged cut and add some interest with freehand, artistic layers. Use a texturizing paste on the ends of air-dried hair for a piecey look.

Sleek Slight Layers

Adding slight layers to the ends of long hair can nicely frame the face. The gently under-turned ends in this look evoke Jennifer Aniston's popular smooth, girl-next-door hair style.

To style, flat iron the hair and flip the layered ends slightly under with the edge of the iron. Apply a shine serum to keep hair smooth and frizz-free.

Cropped Layers

Although many cuts featuring layers are for long and medium hair lengths, shorter styles can reap the benefits, too. A close-cropped cut like this utilizes layers to add a fun element that adds personality and a small amount of volume.

Blow dry hair with a diffuser. Then finger comb and add a small amount of styling pomade to the ends of hair to re-create this look.

Layered Inverted Bob Style

An inverted bob is anything but basic when layers are added into the mix. For a modern look, add some stacked layers in the back. Blow dry the style with a round brush, using extra attention at the crown to create volume there. A small amount of smoothing serum can keep this style looking polished.

Full Layers

Although subtle layers in medium-length hair may not be extremely obvious, they can help create incredible style. With the help of hot rollers and a volumizing product, layers can help create a fun, full style.

Layered hair styles can spice up practically any hair length to add unique flair to your look. The versatility that layers offer makes this style perfect for any age; whether you want an edgy, piecy look or a soft feminine style, layers can help you achieve it.

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Pictures of Layered Hair