Shades of Brown Hair

Brown Hair Shades

If you are looking for beautiful brunette hair, there are many shades of brown hair that can be stunning. From a light sandy brown with hints of golden blonde to a rich chocolate brown hair color, there is a brunette that is the right hair color for you.

Darkest Brown

A very dark, deep brown can be striking for an individual with very light skin, but it can also make your skin look washed out. Opt for a brown with warm red or honey undertones if your skin is very pale.

Graduated Browns

A stunning option for long brown hair is to choose a rich shade that gradually darkens along the length of the hair. This will also draw attention to your face and will make your locks even more beautiful.

Medium Brown

Medium brown shades are common, but you can choose an uncommon inverted or wedge cut to bring character to your color. Flirty curls also add a fun feminine touch.

Brown Bangs

Brown hair is sultry and sleek, and draping brunette bangs across your dark eyes will add distinction to your look. This is not the best choice for very dark brown hair, however, because it may be too stark and concealing instead of highlighting your face.

Cool Brown

If you have cool skin tones, ash tones in your brown hair will be unique and beautiful. This is also a great sun-kissed look for a summer hair style.

Hair Highlights

Brown hair works well with different types of highlights. Red hair highlights, for example, are a warm and energetic shade that can liven up medium shades of brown hair.

Sun Kissed

Darker brown hair looks fabulous with sun kissed golden or honey highlights. Highlights should be stronger at the crown and well blended into the hair for a beautiful natural look.

Mocha Brown

Mocha is a popular shade of dark brown that is less red than chocolate brown hair color but is still dark and rich. This type of hair color looks especially trendy in a short hair style that draws attention to your sultry eyes.

Medium Shades

Medium brown hair comes in a variety of mid-tone shades, but you can add distinction to your color with a loose, flowing style. Avoid bangs that will weigh down your look, and add tapered layers near your face for movement and texture.

Dusty Brown

A dusty brown hair color is the result of a medium or dark brunette shade coupled with cool highlights. This is a perfect winter hair color and a great look for longer locks that can show off the color.

Frosted Brown

Adding a touch of frosted highlights or tips to your hair color will brighten the brown without losing your brunette shade. This is especially popular to bring out the texture of layers or shag hair styles.

Caramel Highlights

Brown hair blends well with caramel hair highlights for a sweet, warm look. For more ideas about the many shades of brown hair, check out:

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Shades of Brown Hair