Avant Garde Hairstyles

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Get inspired with the unconventional, unusual, and artistic avant garde hairstyle photos in the hairstyle for a runway worthy look! The catwalk is notorious for its dramatic, hairstyles, and many of these looks influence popular hairstyle trends. Creativity is key in creating innovative avant garde hair looks, and the traditional hair rules don't apply. While these styles are often characterized by a modern edge, some looks draw on retro or vintage hairstyles and add new elements for contemporary twists. Take key elements from these avant garde hairstyle photos and tone them down for style sensation!


Modern Faux-Hawk Meets Vintage Beehive Hairstyle

Creative Updo

A towering updo and tantalizing accessories create this style.

Bohemian Chic

Artistic Boho Chic Bridal Hairstyle

Avant Garde Updo

An Avant Garde Twist on a Classic Updo

Artistic Flowing Hair

Artistically Arranged Half-Up Half-Down Hair

Punk Vixen

Pin curls meet punk in this avant garde hairstyle.

Avant Garde Curls

High Fashion Curly Hairstyle

Artistic Wig

Brightly Colored Avant Gard Wig Hairstyle

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Avant Garde Hairstyles