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Brunette hair comes in many rich shades, and beautiful brunettes can have hair in a wide range of styles, cuts, and lengths. With colors ranging from caramel to mocha, brunette hair is a decadent and versatile hair color that works with many skin and eye colors.

Beauty is more than just the right hair color, however. Beautiful brunettes also have healthy, radiant hair in the right style for them, and they have confidence in their look.Glamorous brunette waves are classically dramatic, and they're prefect for both medium and long hair.

Brunette Emo Shag

A jagged shag hair style is a subtle emo look that works well with dark hair. Opt for layers and sculpted ends for even more flair.

Natural Highlights

Getting plenty of sun will naturally lighten brunette hair, giving it gorgeous natural highlights in golden hues.

Sophisticated Updos

Brunette hair is elegant in both full and half updos that are perfect for parties, holidays, prom, weddings, or other special occasions.

Sleek Sedu

A sleek sedu hair style will bring out the shine of beautiful brunettes. Blunt cut bangs are a great way to help hair frame the face as well.

Layered Bob

A layered bob hair style tapered to the head can highlight brunette hair with ease. Adding hair lowlights shades to the style will also richen the brunette color.

Sexy Curls

Waves and curls are always sexy in brunette hair. Use volumizing mousee for fullness and leave your hair loose for extra body.

Modern Bob

A trendy take on the classic bob is a tapered style with flip ends. This is great for darker hair so it is stunning without overwhelming a lighter complexion.

Long Layers

Longer, tapered layers are an easy style for beautiful brunette hair. Swoop bangs help soften the style around the face.

Go Natural

Longer, loose hair is a perfect natural brunette style that accentuates bohemian fashion and flair.

Updo Beehive

A subtle updo beehive hairdo is classy and retro, making it the perfect choice to make a statement for any formal occasion.

Dangerous Waves

Bold waves and curls with flipped ends are dramatically beautiful in dark hair colors. If your hair isn't long enough for this classic look, consider hair extensions to add instant length.

Medium Layers

Simple and casual, medium layers are great for medium brown hair. The layers add texture to the look and can be worn in a number of ways.

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Beautiful Brunettes Gallery