Blonde Hair Shades

Going Blonde

Blonde hair shades range from platinum to honey, strawberry to wheat. With so many shades to choose from, almost anyone can find a shade that flatters their skin tone and their personality, enabling them to find out if blondes or even a specific shade of blonde have more fun. Click through the pictures to decide if there's a blonde shade out there for you.

Sunstreaked strands are commonly seen on outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Romantic Ash Blonde

Get the look of romance with lightly wavy, ash blonde shades.

Bold Blonde

If you're already a blonde, consider trying a new shade or adding deeper and lighter panels of blonde color to add dimension.

Slices of color liven up a short blonde cut. blondes have more fun?

Don't underestimate opting for blonde highlights or chunks, even if you're a cautious brunette or redhead not looking for a huge change!

Dark Blonde Shade

Dark blonde tones bring out light eyes.

So Many Shades...

One family can feature so many shades of blonde.

Strawberry Blonde

The perfect strawberry blonde shade can carry you gracefully through all the seasons.

Retro Blonde

If you were a blonde kid, you can probably pull off a similar shade in adulthood.

Light Blonde

Light blonde shades and long locks with thick bangs scream "edgy."

Multi-Shade Blonde Style

You can enjoy a short, dimensional cut by mixing shades of blonde.

Medium Golden Blonde

Blonde hair can portray innocence and femininity.

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Blonde Hair Shades