Career Hair Photos for Men

Business Cuts for Today's Men

While teens have many ways to express themselves with alternative hairstyles, many young men believe that a business haircut has to be bland when in fact any gallery of career hair photos for men will demonstrate the wide range of professional styles men can choose from. Remember, classic business cuts never go out of style.

Tamed Curls

Curly hair can be tamed for the office.

Natural and Professional

A short natural afro is a great career look.

Workplace Emo Hair

A subtle emo hair style can be career-friendly, but remember the style should match the needs of the company. A contemporary, trendy business may be willing to embrace unusual hair styles, while conservative businesses will demand conservative cuts.

Don't Forget Facial Hair Care!

A beard should be trimmed and neat.

Sleek Professional Dreadlocks

Long dreadlocks are acceptable for businessmen.

Business Style with Bangs

Fringe bangs add style to a career hair cut.

Wavy Business Cut

Wavy hair can be managed stylishly for the office. A neat, clean hair style is always more professional than a bed head look. Regular trims and proper care are essential to keep a career style suitable.

Short and Simple

Asian businessmen often prefer short hair cuts.

Blunt Business Style

A blunt style is right for a teardrop shaped face.

Easy Care Clean Style

A head shave look is right for some businessmen.

Military Cuts Mean Business

A short military hair cut is never a bad choice.

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Career Hair Photos for Men