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piecy edgy looking style

Edgy Piecy Hairstyle

Today's hair trends are truly on the cutting edge, and these edgy hair pics can help you embrace modern hair styles in your own individualized way.

A piecy hairstyle is a unique look; the cut shows off obvious layered sections rather than blended ones. A styling wax or paste applied to the ends of the hair will help create defined pieces. You can leave a piecy cut structured or style it in a tousled way, making it a versatile choice.

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Edgy Inverted Bob with Sedu Bang

An edgy hair style is one that pushes the boundaries of current fashion trends. It may be a bit more extreme, have a bolder cut, or show off a more outrageous color, but the one characteristic that all edgy styles have is that they are noticeable.

Blonde and Pink Hair Highlights

Just how noticeable an edgy hair cut is depends on personal preference: some people prefer a simple twist on a classic cut while others go all out with alternative hairstyles. While most edgy hair cuts aren't quite punk hair styles, they definitely show off your personal style.

Edgy Layered Hair Style

Layers might be classic, but they can certainly go edgy!

Elegant Updo with Edge

Formal hair can go edgy, too. Classic looks can get new twists for modern flair.

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Bed Head Short Edgy Hair Cut

A modern bed head style un-do can look edgy.

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Edgy Asian Hair Style

Unexpected color creates makes a style stand out.

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Emo Edgy Hair Color

Emo styles are known for their edge.

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Classic Bob with Edgy Emo Bangs

You don't have to wear the bob the same way your mother did...

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Edgy Modern Beehive Hairdo

...and you can amp up the beehive, too!

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Edgy Curly Hair Style

Curls aren't always sweet and romantic.

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Edgy Two Tone Hair Color

Contrasting tones are an instant way to get striking hair.

Want to personalize your edgy look? Check out these emo hair pics for more great looks.

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Edgy Hair Pics