Photos of Black Hair Styles

Choosing Your Style

Black hair has the ability to be very versatile and resilient. Whether your hair is short, medium or long or if you prefer natural curls or a sleek look, there is style especially made for you.


Curly hair is always a flattering option when choosing a hair style. If you weren't born with these type of curls naturally, you can always fake it. To achieve this voluminous mane, tell your stylist that you would like your hair to be set on hard perm rods or on flexi rods.

Bold Modern Short Hair

Short hair can make a confident statement. For this style, tell your stylist you would like to have the sides and the back of your hair to have a tapered effect, while leaving the top longer. For at home care, flat iron the very top of the hair with a 1/2" inch flat iron. For a piecey effect use a pomade to separate pieces of the hair into different directions.

Short Wash-and-Go Curls

On natural hair, this look is one of minimal effort. All one must do is wash and condition the hair. Be sure to use a leave-in cream to keep curls hydrated, and then finger comb. Follow up with a cream that helps to define the hair. Wrapping the curls around your finger also helps to make the curls pop.

Close Fade

Women who decide to go natural often choose a drastic haircut, such as a close fade, to get rid of chemically processed ends. This dramatic hair cut can be done at home with clippers or by a barber. No maintenance is required if you're looking to grow your hair out. Otherwise, hair will need to be cut frequently to maintain the look, typically every week or every two weeks.

Medium-Length Curls

If you're looking for a fun new do, go for a playful and flirty look. For this style, wash and condition the hair first. A setting lotion will need to be used to help set the hair. Set your hair on large to medium rollers for bouncy curls. Sit under a hooded dryer until hair is completely dry. After taking down rollers, comb the hair with a wide tooth comb, and part hair to the side. Use a paddle brush in the front to calm curls near the face.

Tight Waves

Tight waves are a great option for a night out and can easily de done at home. A heat protectant should be applied to the hair prior to curling. Part the hair into four large sections. In each section, you will take a small subsection and wrap the hair around a curling wand. Repeat the process until all the hair has been curled. Spray with a light hair spray to hold curls in place.

Casual Waves

Waves create body and style for the hair. This style can be achieved by simply plaiting dry hair up overnight and taking the plaits out the next morning. For longer lasting waves, plait the hair when it is wet with setting lotion. Keep the plaits in overnight, or for a couple days if you wish.

Straw Set

This straw set offers a fresh change from everyday straight styles. This style is done on wet hair and setting lotion is used. The curls can be achieved by using plastic drinking straws. After the hair has been wrapped around the straws, sit under the dryer until all moisture is gone from the hair. Slowly unravel hair to reveal your new set of straw curls.

Long Subtle Waves

When you have long hair, you can wear your hair styled a variety of different ways. To achieve long, subtle waves, you can twist your hair into a low, loose bun overnight. In the morning, undo the bun and gently finger comb the waves out. Spray with a light holding spray to hold waves into place. This style works best on long relaxed hair, or natural hair that has been previously flat ironed.

Long Ponytail

A ponytail is an easy way to wear long hair, and adding a braid around the elastic band adds a little bit of flair. On dry hair, brush the hair into an off-centered ponytail. You can use gel to help your edges lie down and stay in place. Take a small section of the ponytail and braid it all the way down. Wrap the braid around the ponytail holder and secure the ends of the braid with a bobby pin in the back.

Long Hair with Bangs

If you have long hair but are looking for something to add to your signature look, try bangs. For this look, tell your stylist you would like to try eyebrow-grazing bangs, and for the rest of your tresses to be flat ironed straight.

Bold Color

Adding a bold color to an edgy hair cut can add depth and dimension. Discuss with your stylist that you are interested in adding color to your tresses. He or she will determine the amount of hair color she can safely lift to achieve the color you are looking for. For this haircut tell your stylist you would like an asymmetrical, chin length bob with razor cut ends.

Need more inspiration? Check out photos of black hair updos for stunning formal styles, or take a look at a few black celebrity hair styles for ideas.

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Photos of Black Hair Styles