Photos of Halloween Hair

Fun Halloween Hair

Halloween is the perfect occasion to jazz up your style with something unexpected, from funky colors to outrageous looks, and checking out photos of Halloween hair can help you find the perfect style to complement your costume. From temporary hair dye to sculpted styles to costume wigs, there are many different options for Halloween hair styles, and you only need a little creativity to find the best one for you. Click on any of the pictures in this slideshow for more information and photo galleries for frighteningly fun styles.

Romantic Fairy

Long hair gets fun with a mythical twist.

Medusa’s Long Curls

Don't recoil from the coils of these tresses!

Sexy Vampire Layers

Get vampy with dark dramatic hair.

Retro Bubblegum Pink Bob

Want a fun and flirty Halloween hair style? A pink bob says it all.

Gothic Fairy with Frosted Hair

Fairies don't have to be sweet.

Witchy Wavy Layers

Loose layers look great for Halloween... and beyond.

Pirate Hair with Bandana

A casual pirate bandana over great hair is sexy and fun.

Classic Clown Costume Wig

Out of ideas? You can't go wrong with your Halloween hair with a classic wig.

Scary Sedu Hair

Witchy hairstyles don't have to be black in color! Choose a bewitching shade of red or purple instead.

Medium Length Devil Hair

Bad hair never looked so good.

Funky Color Punk Mohawk

Can you pull off a mohawk this daring?

Need more outrageous looks? Check out Wild Green Hair and Wild Hair Color Pictures to add a bold burst to your style!

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Photos of Halloween Hair