Photos of Honey Colored Hair

Sweeten Up Your Style

View these photos of honey colored hair to see just how versatile and gorgeous this rich hue can be. Just like the sweet substance it is named after, honey hair colors range in intensity, from light honey blonde to darker honey brown. Honey highlights add richness and depth to many other hair colors as well. What's more, you'll look like you just stepped off the red carpet with this hair color. Numerous stars have sported honey colored hair, including Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Kiera Knightley, and Jennifer Aniston, whose honey highlights are one of the most requested celebrity looks across the country.

Sedu Honey Blonde Style

Golden honey blonde shines in a sleek sedu style. The color helps reflect light and makes the hair looks sleek and gorgeous.

Auburn Hair and Honey Highlights

The warm amber of honey hair color blends beautiful with auburn or red hair. Add light honey highlights or darker lowlights to liven up any red hair shade.

Short Honey Blonde Hair

Get a sultry look with a short honey blonde hairstyle like this. Add a few top layers to create the illusion of volume for fine or thin hair, and keep ends slightly mussed or textured for a sexy style.

Honey with Ash Blonde Hair

Luscious honey colored curls get a kick with ash blonde highlights. Ash blonde tempers the rich color and adds great dimension with this carefree curly style.

Honey Colored Prom Style

A rich honey brown looks gorgeous with blonde highlights. This intricate half updo with curls is a perfect style for prom or other special occasions.

Two Toned Honey Hair Color

These photos of honey colored hair show the shade can be sweet or sharp looking. A two toned honey and brunette hair look like this is edgy but sophisticated.

Beachy Honey Colored Hair

You don't have to go platinum blond for a beautiful beachy color. A rich honey shade looks pretty and sun kissed for summer.

Caramel with Honey Highlights

Caramel and honey are tow hair colors that pair perfectly together. A caramel base looks gorgeous with light honey colored highlights.

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Photos of Honey Colored Hair