Photos of Women with Red Hair

Embrace Your Red

Red hair comes in many vibrant shades and can be coiffed into many stunning styles, as any photos of women with red hair will show. Some shades of red border on maroon or orange and can be challenging to work with for subtle styles. On the other hand, women who embrace their red hair can flaunt their fiery nature easily. Bold red locks are stunning against creamy skin, for example.

Dramatic Red Highlights

Red hair highlights are a dramatic choice for light brunette shades.

Alternative Bobbed Hair

Stark red shades complement bold cuts, such as a tapered bob with blunt bangs.

Flirtatious Red Curls

Red curly hair is fun and flirtatious and can be pinned into a partial casual updo.

Irish Red

Have fun with your heritage of Irish red hair with long, simple styles.

Shag Hair Style

Red hair can be tamed with a simple shag hair style tapered to the head.

Dangerously Dramatic

A sedu style with flipped, curled ends adds bold drama to red hair.

Short Red Hair

A short hair style can tone down brighter shades of red hair.

Classic Red Waves

A light complexion and red hair is classically sophisticated with waves.

Bold Red Bob

If you choose a richer shade of red, use a simple style such as this contemporary bob to highlight the hue.

Teen Red Hair

Teens with red hair can have an easy care hair style with a short straight bob.

Tousled Waves

Go natural with a tousled wavy look for longer red hair.

Get Rich with Red

Embrace your red locks with waves and kinks for a fun, flirty style suitable for longer hair.

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Photos of Women with Red Hair