Pictures of Alternative Hairstyles

Alternative Styling

There are many options for alternative hairstyles, from emo to scene to punk to goth looks. Some styles share common roots while others are continually evolving, but they all share the distinctive uniqueness and individuality of the wearer. These styles are meant to express personality and emotion, and many teens and young adults experiment with a variety of looks before finding the one alternative hairstyle that suits them best. These pictures of alternative hairstyles can offer inspiration for your new, custom look and show you the range of unique styles available. Click on each picture for additional articles and photos

Pink Hair Highlights

Go crazy with color.

Sedu Scene Style

Alternative looks can still be smooth and sleek.

Long Wavy Goth Hair

Dark waves are dramatic.

Funky Punk Colors

Nothing says alternative like punk color.

Guy Emo Hair Style

Whether dramatic or subtle, emo styles are edgy and alternative.

Dreadlocks with Bold Color

There are plenty of alternative hair styles with braids and dreadlocks.

Goth Two Tone Hair Color

If you don't want a rainbow of hues, try contrasting tones for a unique style statement.

Blunt Emo Bob Hair Style

A bob gets redefined as edgy with this blunt look.

Purple Curly Mohawk

How alternative will you go?

Long Emo Bangs

Subtle styles can be alternative, too.

Crazy Perm

Big curly hair is an alternative to the sedu scene.

Want to go even more alternative? Try out some Wild Hair Color!

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Pictures of Alternative Hairstyles