Pictures of Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs Make Impact

With side swept bangs, a little snip can make a big change to any hairstyle. Whether you choose a sexy blunt cut or a fringed bang, sweeping them off your forehead to the side of your face instantly increases your styling options.

Layered Side Bangs

No need to chop off too much length or commit to a heavy bang with the hottest version of this style. Describe to your stylist that you would like a set of layered side bangs with a little weight on the ends. To style these bangs at home, use a flat iron or a large curling iron and curl the ends under. The rest of the hair should be slightly flipped out using a flat iron.

Face Framing

Face framing bangs are a way to get your feet wet if you're not used to having bangs. They typically look great on women with long oval-shaped faces.

Tell your stylist you would like bangs that frame your face. Make sure you explain that you would like for them to have a very light and feathery movement so the bangs aren't too thick. For at-home styling, the bangs can be styled with a blow dryer and paddle brush, or for a more sleek finish use a flat iron. When the bangs start to grow out, you can simply sweep them to the side and place a bobby pin or barrette to hold hair in place.

Side Bangs with Straight Hair

For these bangs, tell your stylist that you would like bangs that are cut at angle and that blend into your layers.

For at-home styling, this look will involve using heat, so you will want to use a heat protectant first. Blow dry the bangs using a paddle brush, or a round brush if you like big fluffy bangs. Flip the bangs over to the opposite side from where you would normally part your hair. After blow drying, flip the bangs back over to their original side. Doing this will add volume to the bangs so they don't look so limp. Complete blow drying of the rest of hair, and follow up with a flat iron for a sleek, straight finish.

Side Fringe

Adding frisky side fringe bangs to long layers can add a factor of drama to a haircut that has grown stale.

For this look, tell your stylist that you would like layered side fringe bangs that are cut with a razor. Ask for the shortest layer of the bangs to begin right above your eyebrows.

At home, this look can be achieved by wrapping the hair around a two-inch barrel curling iron, or a blowout can be done using a large round brush and blow dryer for lots of volume. Use a light holding spray to keep curls in place.

Blunt and Layered

Blunt and layered bangs are great for any face shape.

When asking for this style of bangs from your stylist, mention you prefer a heavier bang off to the side. The result will be a very choppy and thick bang. If the results are too bulky at first, ask your stylist to go back in and take some of the weight off by adding more texture to soften the look.

For at-home care, the bangs can be flat ironed or blow dried with a large round brush for more volume.


To get these bangs, mention to your stylist you would like to have razor cut, choppy bangs that go over the eye. If you have very thick hair, you may want to have your hair thinned out with thinning shears for less bulk.

For at-home styling, dry hair with a paddle brush and blow dryer. Since this is a messy look you can stop here, or continue with a flat iron. To emphasize layers and side bangs, try using a wax or pomade on pieces of hair for a chic-rocker look.


Asymmetrical bangs are definitely reserved for the fashion- forward risk takers. To get this looks, explain to your stylist you would like a set of asymmetrical layered bangs that start at eye level.

To achieve the suave and glossy look of the bangs as pictured, begin by starting on freshly washed and conditioned hair. Apply a serum throughout the hair such as, Mizani Haircare Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Smoothing Serum. Blow dry the hair on a cool to warm setting, and use a paddle brush.

For flat ironing of the hair, work in small sections. Use a rat tail comb, followed by a flat iron (known as the chase method) along the hair strands for an even straighter finish.

Flirting with Color

Adding bold colors like blue and purple to your freshly cut side bangs adds dimension and creativity to the cut.

Depending on the natural color of your hair, your stylist will have to lift your hair with bleach for the vibrant colors to show up. For temporary fun at home, try some spray on hair colors that wash right out after shampooing.

For at home styling of the bangs, you may want to use a medium sized curling iron to have a bit of a tighter curl on the ends. Use a claw comb to comb through bangs, and the end of a rat tail comb to push bangs to the side.


This look is good for people who don't enjoy pushing their bangs out of their face often. For this style, tell your stylist you would like bangs with wispy ends that graze your eyebrows. Tell him or her that you would like the middle of the bangs to be shorter, and get longer going outward.

At home, the bangs can be blow dried with a small round brush, or tightly curled under with a flat iron. The bangs can be manipulated by simply combing the bangs into small pieces and spraying them with hairspray, or by using a pomade or paste to separate bangs.

For more inspiration, check out pictures of haircuts with bangs and alternative hairstyles for different looks.

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Pictures of Side Swept Bangs