Shag Hair Cut Pictures

The Timeless Shag

The ever-changing shag haircut has stood the test of time, reinventing itself by adding different types of layers and new styling methods. This unisex cut can be tailored to fit each individual's personal style.

Choppy Shag

This choppy shag is a fitting selection for those with fine hair. The choppy layers around the face create movement and volume in the hair. Discuss with your stylist that you would like to add multiple layers to the top of your hair, and longer choppy layers for the back.

For maximum volume at the roots, blow dry the hair using a small ceramic round brush at the top, and flip the ends out at the bottom.

Flirty Shag

A short flirty shag is always fun, and it's very easy to maintain. This style looks great with thick, straight hair. Tell your stylist you would like to concentrate more of your layers on the bottom of the hair, and to cut texture into them for a wispy look.

Show off the layers at the bottom by flipping them outward with a flat iron.

Wavy Shag

This layered, wavy shag is an option for those who want a shorter style, but still want to have length. This haircut is great for those who have loose waves, as the dimensions of the cut add volume and flatter the wave pattern.

For everyday styling, apply a light holding mousse to wet hair and let it air dry.

Tapered Shag

This edgy shag is great for those with fine or thick hair. Tell your stylist you would like a shag with a little length on top (enough to spike) and closely tapered sides.

Pomade and a light holding hair gel will be a great aid when styling this short mane, especially when slicking down the sides.

Longer Layers

Unlike most shags, which can have layers start at the eyebrow or shorter, this shag begins the layers much longer. Starting the layers longer like is a suitable option for those who have thick hair like him, and for those with extremely curly hair.

This type of cut makes the waves or curls hang better and allows for easier styling. Discuss in-depth with your stylist where you would like for your first layer to begin so that it not only suits your hair type, but complements the overall hairstyle. For everyday styling, use a light touch of Argan oil on wet hair to help fight frizz, and use a diffuser to dry.

Sculpted Medium Shag

This shag is a good alternative for those who like having a lot of volume at the top of the head. Having thick hair will play an important role in styling the hair this way, so if you have a receding hairline or if your hair is thinning around the crown, this style is not ideal for you.

The top portion of the hair remains very bulky, while the rest of the hair has some texture cut into the layers to take some weight off of the ends. For everyday styling apply a light holding mousse to the hair while wet. Blow dry the front of hair straight back using a paddle brush, and flip the ends outward.

Shag with Thick Bangs

Adding bangs that lie straight across the head to a shag, is a convenient way to the keep the hair out of the way for children. It also gives them the option to play with and style their hair the way the want to. They can slick the bangs back, to the side, or use pomade for a piecey effect.

This type of shag with bangs is good for children who have straight hair, since it will be easier for the bangs to lay correctly. For a sleek finish, the bangs can be flat ironed.

Minimal Layered Shag

When cutting hair on babies or toddlers, it's always better to keep the haircuts easy, keeping the need for styling time to a minimum.

For this shag, the toddler has minimal layers throughout her hair, with her shortest pieces being her side swept bangs. This is a good option for babies with fine hair with little to no curl pattern.

Soft Layered Shag

This soft shag is a good cut for kids with thick hair. It has numerous layers that have been cut at an angle to frame and flatter the child's face. Great blending has been executed as each layer graduates, which gives the overall haircut a nice flow.

Hair cut this way can easily be blow dried and pushed to the side to get a windblown look. Spray with a light holding spray to hold hair on place.

Razor Cut Shag

A super-short shag is another option for those with straight, fine hair. Tell your stylist you want a layered short shag that is cut with a razor. You can also have him or her go through your hair with thinning shears to create more movement, and to thin out bulky spots within the hair cut.

These tresses can be finger combed fresh out the shower and left to air dry.

Short Hair

Having shorter hair may seem like your options are limited, but that is not the case at all. In addition to shag styles, there are many great edgy haircuts for short hair to try.

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Shag Hair Cut Pictures