Skater Haircuts

If you’re into the skateboarding, in-line skating, or extreme biking, skater haircuts can help you express your style without holding back your spins, flips, and Skaters need very specific hair styles. The cut should be short enough so it doesn’t interfere with their work on the ramps or other obstacles, but it should be stylish enough for them to express their personality.

Will your style look great under hats or helmets?

Medium curly styles are popular with skaters. Many skaters prefer medium length hair because it’s long enough to be personalized but not so long that it can be dangerous while skating.

Chunky hair highlights add flair to your look.

Thick emo bangs can be stylish.

Many African American teens prefer natural looks.

Short hair styles are best for active skaters.

Add a bit of rebellion with a faux-hawk.

Emo girls are skaters too.

Use hair gel to sculpt rebel spikes.

Female skaters prefer easy care hair styles.
Punk styles and colors are eye-catching.

Skater haircuts should also look great under a helmet and while skating, and they should be easy care styles that don’t require a lot of maintenance after skating. At the same time, skater styles can be personalized with bangs, color, or design to highlight your unique personality and flair just as much as your tricks.

Pictured: A military hair cut is easy for serious skaters.

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Skater Haircuts