Very Short Haircuts for Ladies

Very Short and Simple Haircuts

Ladies who are on the go don't have time to fuss with extravagant hairstyles. There are a variety of very short haircuts that require nothing more than wash and go. Short hairstyles can be fun and sassy for women of all ages. Hair that is short can be styled in different ways to create new looks from one single cut.

Perfect Pixie

A super-short pixie cut never goes out of style. This timeless hairstyle is for any woman who wants to get noticed. It can look simple or dramatic depending on how you style it. During the day, keep it soft and for the evening add some gel for a slightly spiky look.

Many celebrities have sported this look through the years from Twiggy to Winona Ryder and even Victoria Beckham. Be warned, though, that the pixie works best on thin, narrow faces.

Close Crop

More masculine than feminine, a close crop is ideal for those who are on the go. Simply wash and allow it to dry as you run out the door. No styling required!

Choppy Fringe

A choppy fringe style can look fashionable and stylish for any occasion. Keep the sides trimmed short around the ears and wear choppy pieces along the top and back for a look that will turn heads.

Textured Ends

Hair can be kept very short around the crown with longer textured ends for a full and sexy look. Add some highlights and use products with shine to accentuate the cut.

Loose Waves

For those with natural wave to their hair, a short style is ideal. Work with the natural wave and keep your strands closely cropped for a look that can be worn messy like you just jumped out of bed.

Sleek and Straight

Nothing can be sexier than a sleek, straight cut. Wear your locks short and straight for a look that will get you noticed wherever you may be. The fun thing about this type of cut is the versatility. You can have several looks from the same cut just by getting creative with products and tools.

Polished and Professional

For the woman who wants to always looked polished, a short hairstyle is a great choice. Keep the cut simple so your hair looks professional no matter how you style it. Many short styles require nothing more than adding gel and allowing drying naturally.

Ask for Advice

Your stylist can be your best friend. If you want to go super short but are uncertain about what will look best on you, ask your stylist what short style will work for your specific hair type and face shape. There are a variety of short cuts from simple to edgy that will work with a range of hair types. A professional stylist should be able to give you suggestions and show you how to work with a cut that is very short.

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Very Short Haircuts for Ladies