Wild Green Hair

Ready to go green?

If you want an outrageous look, consider wild green hair color. Because green is not a natural shade, any green hue will stand out and there are many to choose from: lime, sage, emerald, hunter, fluorescent, and sea green to name just a few in the spectrum. Adding a subtle green accent can turn an ordinary hair style into an extraordinary look, or go for the bold flair of an entirely green coif. This slideshow's pictures showcase the wide range of green hair hues from wild to mild. Click on any picture for more style and color tips and inspiration.

Short Shag Hair with Green

Green Perm Costume Wig

Funky Color Punk Style

Updo with Green Tendrils

Inverted Bob Hair with Green Streak

Temporary Green Spikes

Rainbow Mohawk with Green Tips

Bed Head Hair with Teal Green

Punk Mohawk with Green

Dark Green Short Hair

Man's Green and Blonde Hairstyle

Layered Green Wig Hairstyle

Want to be more colorful than green? Check out these wild hair color pictures for funky fun colors.

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Wild Green Hair