Spiral Perm

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Are you ready for curls?

If you have long hair and wish to add some body and bounce, a spiral perm makes a great texturizing option.

Benefits of a Spiral Perm

While body waves and curl tend to slip in and out of vogue, spirals have long lasting staying power. Who can resist the kinky corkscrew curls that make a spiral perm so romantic and playful? Whether you've grown tired of lifeless locks or just need a style that borders on low maintenance, a spiral wave is worth considering if you meet the criteria for the service.

Unlike traditional perms that are wrapped on varying widths of rods and set horizontally, a spiral set is created by wrapping long vertical sections of the hair into a corkscrew pattern. Hair is wound tightly around the barrel of the rod from the bottom to the top. Depending on the length of the hair, a traditional plastic rod may be used, or may be substituted with a plastic bendable rod in varied lengths.

Once the rods are wrapped tightly, perm solution is applied evenly over the wrapped rods and the magic begins! Once the perm has processed, and after several bouts of rinsing, a fabulous set of curls awaits.

Consider Your Hair Type

perms are not for everybody. Before considering a spiral wave, make sure your hair type can withstand the chemical processing. Find a stylist that you trust to provide the consultation and the service and be honest about any chemical treatments that have been applied to your hair. Fine hair may not be able to withstand the chemical aspect of perming without responding with breakage and split ends. On the other side of the spectrum, long, thick hair may be too heavy to support lightweight curls without looking weighed down and stretched out. Ideally, the perfect candidate for a spiral style has a medium to wavy hair texture without any prior color treatment or extensive damage.

How to Style

Styling a spiral perm requires little effort. The wrap and twist method works beautifully for home styling. Simply apply a conditioning styling gel or a lightweight mousse and divide hair into small, one to two inch sections. Once divided, wrap hair around two fingers and twist until you reach the roots. Air dry and shake for fabulous, frizz free curls.

Celebrity Influences

Celebrities tend to play a major role in hair trends. Spiral perms are a coveted service being made popular once again by celebrities and entertainers such as Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you love the look of any of these red carpet ladies, keep in mind their hair is styled professionally nearly every day, or at least at public events. Repeated color and texturizing services can wreak havoc on the condition of the hair, and healthy hair is a requirement for a chemical perm. This means, more often than not, you'll have to choose between hair color and hair texturizing rather than having both.

Once the hair has been damaged from multiple services, it is nearly impossible to return to a healthy state. Chances are good that frizz, split ends, and flyaway tresses will be the norm until all of the damaged hair has eventually been cut off. Mimicking your favorite celebrity only works if you have the means and the time to maintain the style.

Get Playful

Although spiral perms are not for everyone, curls are making a major comeback and seem to have no end in sight. If flat ironing your hair everyday has become a humdrum routine, maybe it's time to add some bounce, while reaping the benefits of a lower-maintenance look. Curls are easy to style and look great when pinned into various updos or adorned with metallic headbands and silk scarves. If you're ready to say goodbye to color, perhaps it's time to say hello to curls!


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Spiral Perm