Finding the Right Teen Hair Cut

Layers and highlights are popular with teens.

Though teen hair cuts are often among the most edgy and trend-setting within the hair industry, they nevertheless require the same careful consideration as an adult cut. In fact, in many cases, a teen cut or style may necessitate slightly more thought than does the average adult cut. After all, trends fade in and out of the hair world rather quickly, and teens may end up regretting a hasty hair decision.

Lifestyle Considerations

The most vivid and emerging teen hair cuts may necessitate quite a bit of maintenance. Classic styles such as bobs, layers, and pixies are far more versatile than some of the trends that filter out of Hollywood. The lifestyle of a teen should be a determining factor when choosing a hair cut. Teens that have busy after-school sports schedules may have a difficult time maintaining certain cuts.

Moreover, early school mornings are not terribly friendly when it comes to hair styling and care. Sleep must often be sacrificed in order to allow for a high maintenance hairdo.

When it comes to saving time, cuts that work well with your natural hair type will require the lowest amount of maintenance. Moreover, hair cuts that can grow out easily without involving several supplementary snips at the salon will also decrease maintenance issues. Hair cuts do need a certain level of commitment, so choosing a cut you are truly passionate about can spare you from a resentful growing-out period.

Types of Teen Hair Cuts

As mentioned previously, the best hair cuts for teens are not necessarily the celebrity styles that grace the pages of Us Weekly. A well-planned hair cut should be tailor made to a teen's lifestyle.

Sporty Cuts

Teens who are active in sports will generally benefit from low-maintenance cuts that don't require heavy duty blow-drying or styling needs. Cuts that offer bangs can be difficult for athletic teens to maintain as the hair will constantly need to be pushed off the face or held back with a headband. Pixie cuts are easier to manage than shags or bobs, but many of these styles are too short to allow the hair to be pulled back into a ponytail.

When it comes to sports-friendly cuts for girls, less involved styling will often yield more manageable hair.

Sporty styles for boys usually include the crew cut or military cut at the forefront of the list. Such styles are ideal for sports such as football that involve helmets. Though many young athletes will maintain a shag haircut on the field, the more shorn their hair is, the easier a time these athletes will have during their game.

Alternative Hair Cuts

Alternative hair cuts can be asymmetrical, razor sliced, or multiple lengths. Bed head, spiked pixies, and shag looks are often classified under the umbrella of alternative hair cuts; however, this genre of hair styles is extremely individualized. Many types of alternative hair cuts are high maintenance. Though the mohawk transitions from alternative into the punk subcategory, such a hair cut with the variations of this trend require a steady influx of gels and styling sprays and are definitely not low key cuts.

Many pin-up styles are sported by the Rockabilly crowd, but short blunt bangs require regular trimming and curling in order to keep their integrity. Alternative hair cuts are great for teens who are heavily into music and use their coiffure to express their creativity. However, many of these hair styles are attention getters that demand quite a bit of upkeep. For a highly individualized look, choose an alternative style that is sported by a music celebrity and bring a photo in to your stylist.

Many alternative hair cuts are so nuanced that it may difficult to communicate your ideal style to a salon professional using words alone.

Dramatic Styles

Dramatic hair cuts are usually crafted from longer hair. They may involve long luscious layers and a few face framing bangs. Unless you have flawlessly textured hair, such styles will require a certain amount of flat or wave-iron techniques in order to achieve a perfect fall of hair. Long layered cuts are a favorite of many teens because these styles are so popular amongst leading Hollywood ladies.

Though the cuts themselves need not be more complicated than adding layers to a longer length of hair, it is the work involved in maintaining long hair that creates the challenge. Long hair, especially when it comes to heat styling, can easily suffer damage. Maintaining your layers while ensuring that the overall length of your hair receives regular trims will keep your tresses healthy and full of bounce. Overly fine textured hair may have a difficult time keeping up such lengths, and it may do better in a shorter layered bob-style.

For young men, longer shags are defined by drama. Teen boys can easily grow their hair into a layered shoulder length mane. Again, not all hair textures are eligible for this style, and medium to thick wavy hair types often do best with such styles.

Teen Hair Cut Pictures


Selecting a Cut

Teens who are interested in the latest emerging styles can benefit from a little Internet research. Sites such as Pro Hair Cut provide photos of hair cuts from the most popular celebrities to ordinary teens. You'll need to keep in mind that many fascinating celebrity hairdos are the handiwork of professional stylists. Your own hair stylist may clue you in to the immense amount of work and upkeep that goes into some particularly enviable cuts. Do remember, that the hair cut of today can easily become the hair nightmare of tomorrow, so make sure you communicate your ideas clearly to a stylist and ask thorough questions about maintenance and the inevitable growing-out period.

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Finding the Right Teen Hair Cut