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Teens always want to look their best but still have an individual style, and the right teen hairstyle ideas can give you inspiration about finding a look that suits your lifestyle and personality.

If you have curly hair, for example, long ringlets are a flirtatious and romantic look, but if your hair is straight you can get a perm to simulate the style. If curls aren't right for you, there are also many other ideas to choose from.

Edgy Shag


Shag hair styles are easy to care for and work great for many teens. To make the style more noticeable, work in some strong hair highlights to give it bolder color, or opt for asymmetrical bangs for an edgier look.

Hair Highlights


The right hair highlights can add jazz to your look no matter what your hair style is. If you have warm skin tones, consider honey colored or golden highlights for a sun-kissed look, or if you have a cooler complexion choose ashy hues to add dimension to your locks.

Loose Layers


Loose, layered hair is always fashionable. Choose just a few layers if your hair already has some natural wave or curl, or get more layers to add texture and depth to straight hair.

One Length Long Waves


A long, free flowing style is perfect for school or weekend activities because it's effortlessly polished and super simple to style everyday.

Just apply a shine serum and let hair air dry, then create a few large waves with a large barrel curling iron and you're out the door.

Updo Hair


Updos are the most popular style for special occasions like homecoming and prom. A messy updo can have a more casual look or can add an edge to your formal hair style, but be sure to leave some tendrils or bangs off to the side to soften the look.

Blunt Bangs


Blunt bangs are great for a strong hair style. Be sure the bangs are long enough to touch your eyebrows so your face is appropriately framed, or consider longer offset bangs that will cover one eye. Razored ends to your hair will help offset the thickness of your bangs for a balanced look.

Pointy Bangs


If you have very short hair, consider sculpting your bangs into a widow's peak or pixie in the center of your forehead to draw attention to your eyes and minimize your forehead. If your bangs are long enough, they can even be restyled to swoop to one side or spiked up to change your look in a flash.

Medium Length Hair


Medium length hair styles are popular with teens because they are easy to care for but more versatile than many short looks. A few layers or tapered ends can give the style definition and keep your hair full of movement.

Cute Bob


Classic bob hair styles are a fun and easy look for teens. A blunt bob with bangs works best with straight hair, and the ends can be tapered toward your chin to frame your face.

For an edgier look, consider inverted bob hair that is much longer around the face but very short in the back.

French Braid


French braids are a great style for teens, especially for long hair. The braid can be centered or on the side, and the end may be left to hang down the back or turned up at the nape of the neck. Long braids can even be wound into an updo or around the head for a more original look.

Micro Braids


Micro braids are a popular look for African American teens. Not only are the braids themselves stylish and fun, but they can be arranged into many different looks, including ponytails, half updos, buns, or thicker braids.



A ponytail is an easy updo perfect for sports, gym class, or outdoor activities. Always use a clean ponytail holder, however, and choose products that will not snag, pull, or damage your hair.

Side Ponytail


If you're an active teen always dashing from sport to afterschool activity, and usually rock a ponytail because it's easy and simple, why not give your 'do a quick update by pulling your pony to the side?

A side pony is both sweet and sassy and looks more chic than a typical ponytail.



Short hair looks great in a flirty flip. The hair should be straight from the crown but turned up at the ends, preferably near the eyes or cheeks for a fun look. The part can be offset or centered, and a cute barrette can be used to pull the bangs back if desired.

Funky Color


Funky colors can be fun to add to a choppy hair style, but when using unusual colors such as pink, green, or blue, opt for temporary hair color that can be washed out before school or work if unnatural colors are against the dress code.

Pretty Pixie


If you're a low-maintenance kind of girl who sports a laid back pixie cut, creating a deep side part and wearing hair sleek and smooth imparts a pretty, gamine feel that's anything but boyish.

Run a smoothing cream through damp tresses and let air dry, but keep your hands out of your mane while it's drying to avoid frizz.

Natural Texture


With school, sports, after school activities and weekends out with friends, the last thing you want to do is spend hours fighting your natural hair texture. If you have curls, embrace them instead of trying to fight them. Style curly hair quickly and easily by applying anti-frizz serum when hair is wet and blow drying with a diffuser.

Heavy Fringe


If you want to update your everyday hairstyle but don't want to do anything too dramatic, a heavy, face-framing fringe draws attention to eyes and cheekbones.

Styling is a breeze -- simply blow dry bangs straight using a paddle brush, smoothing down from root to tip.

Elegant Headband


If you wear your hair straight and simple everyday, give it a dose of glam with a girly accessory, like a bow-adorned headband.

By adding this simple accessory, it gives your normal hairstyle a quick update in about five seconds flat, without any extra styling necessary.

Other Hair Accessories


Basic hair accessories can help you manage your style and change your look from day to day. Wide cloth head bands or scarves are popular for medium and long hair, and can help keep your hair back in class or while working. Barrettes, clips, and pins are other must have hair accessories.

No matter what your personality and hair type is, there are plenty of great styles that work for busy teens. From cute to edgy, browsing different ideas can help you choose the style that's right for you.

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