Types of Haircuts for Boys

There are many great haircuts for boys.

There are many different types of haircuts for boys that are easy to create, style, and maintain so they can keep up with young boys' active lives.

What Types of Haircuts for Boys Need

Young boys are usually active, rambunctious, and energetic, but that energy is rarely applied to caring for a hair style. Because of this, parents need to find boy-friendly styles with the following characteristics:

  • Quick and easy to cut: Boys don't usually like to sit still for hair cuts, and finding a quick style will make the chore easier for both parents and their sons to tolerate.
  • Low-maintenance styling requirements: Just as boys don't like to wait for a hair cut, they also don't want to take a lot of time to style their hair each day. The best haircuts for boys can be styled in less than three minutes, and may even need nothing more than a quick brushing to be ready to go.
  • Durable: A good boy's hair style will be able to withstand rough play and lots of activity without needing to be restyled.
  • Versatile: While girls can frequently change styles for different events, most boy-friendly hair styles should be suitable for a wide range of situations, including school, church, visiting grandparents, taking pictures, playing sports, and attending special events.

These style requirements may make it seem like there are only a few hair styles suitable for boys, but there are actually many variations that can be used for fun and stylish looks.

Basic Boy Styles

Each boy's particular hair cut will depend on a number of factors, including his hair texture, how active he is, and his age. Short hair styles are best for most boys, and simple styles are easiest to care for. The basic types of haircuts for boys include:

  • Military Hair Cuts: These short buzzes are fast to create and style, and they will not get tangled or cause other problems no matter how active a boy is.
  • Spikes: Short spikey styles give a boy's hair its own personality without getting out of control. A little hair gel can make easy spikes all over the hair or just in the front if the bangs are a little longer.
  • Tapered Styles: A basic cut with tapered sideburns, bangs, and neck will blend well with a child's delicate features while keeping his hair style fun.
  • Side Swept Styles: This is a classic cut for slightly less active boys. The hair is a bit longer and parted on the side, with the longer portion swept over the top of the head and forehead in a graceful curve. This is also a great style for special occasions.
  • Shag Hair Styles: A shag is a great option for slightly older boys who admire a less rigid look. Shags use different layers to create a slightly disheveled look without getting out of control.
  • Long Curls: A boy with naturally curly hair may need a slightly longer hair style to add weight and help tame his locks. The hair can drop to the eyebrow or top of the ear, with layers continuing to the collar. This is longer than most boys' hair styles, but still not unmanageable.
  • Comb Down Styles: This longer style is popular for very young boys. The hair is allowed to grow to the bottom of the ear or jaw in a single, simple layer, usually parted in the middle. This is a great style for toddlers, but becomes less practical as older boys get more active and may be teased by their peers for having longer hair.

Keeping Boy Styles Looking Great


Even the simplest hair styles for boys require proper care to be kept looking their best. Regular washing is essential, especially for boys active in sports or during summer months when they may play outside for hours. Dandruff or other scalp problems may be very visible with short hair styles, and parents should seek a professional consultation if a rash, redness, or scaly scalp becomes a problem. Short styles also need to be trimmed regularly to be kept uniform, though many parents can accomplish basic trims with hair clippers at home. Some parents are even able to do home hair cuts with many basic boy styles. Boys also need to be taught how to properly care for their hair with the right shampoo, conditioner, and brushing techniques.

When Boys Grow Up

As boys get older they invariably want to find ways to express themselves, and their hair style may be one of the first things they change to show their individuality. Teen boys may adopt emo hair styles or even punk hair styles, or a boy who has always had longer hair may want a buzz cut or even a head shave. While these drastic changes may be alarming for parents, it is important to let young men discover their own personal style.

Boys may be rowdy, active, and spirited, and the different types of haircuts for boys are designed to work with their personality characteristics for a look that suits their lifestyle. With proper care and maintenance, any boys' style can look great no matter what the occasion.

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