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Urban hairstyles run the gamut from trendy to classic. New looks may come and go, or they may catch on and become instant style success stories.

Choosing a Suitable Hairstyle

As with any haircut, style or color, it's important to take into account hair type when making your final decision. After all, this is a look you'll sport for at least a few months if all goes well! Black hair generally requires special care due to its texture, porosity, and natural fragility. Although many urban hairstyles require a tremendous amount of upkeep and maintenance, others are easy to maintain without the need for products and tools.

A Variety of Hairstyles

Sport this fun, popular look!

Take your pick! Whether your hair is short, medium, or long, it will benefit from a style that best complements your features. If dry, brittle, or damaged hair is a concern, it might be best to select a style that does not require a great deal of maintenance. This will, in the long run, keep your hair healthier and less susceptible to long-term weakening. Remember that black hair has a natural tendency toward dryness due to the curved follicle.

If your hair is healthy and easy to manage, you may have an easier time maintaining a more complex style. These looks might require greater use of products and styling tools to keep them looking great all day long. Depending on your hair type and your stylist's advice, you'll quickly discover which style is right for you. Some looks are simply classics that will never go out of style. You can count on these looks to see you through every day with function and nonchalant elegance.


This look doesn't fight the natural tendencies of black hair, so it's essentially one of the most natural and easy to maintain styles out there. Of course, some hair is naturally frizzy and difficult to manage, so this style may not suit some as well as others. Men and women alike may opt for a piece-y, free and casual cut for a more modern take on the look.


One of the most popular styles, braid designs are versatile and offer a variety of styling options (they can be pulled back into ponytails, worn in half-pony style or accessorized with beads, for example). There are many different methods of hair braiding. Braids also suit nearly any hair length. The downside is that they do require regular upkeep, but the payoff is well worth the time and effort.


Always in style and as timeless as a hairstyle can get, ponytails can easily work in both relaxed and more upscale settings. The difference is, of course, in how it's worn. Low on the head and pulled back with a snag-free ponytail holder, it's casual and simple. Curled and loosely gathered into a chignon, it's instantly dressy.


This cut is classic and stylish.

An ultra-short, chic cut similar to Halle Berry's old style is always a great choice if it suits your face shape. This look is low-maintenance and relatively basic, yet if it's left with enough height at the crown, it can be styled in a variety of ways. It's ideal for anyone who dreams of the classic wash-and-go cut.


Known as Zulu or Bandu knots, this popular style involves dividing hair into diamond, square, or triangular sections all over the head and then twisting each section into a knot. This is a great option for short hair that isn't easily braided.

Straw Set

Straw curls are often recommended as a transitional style for women who are slowly getting used to wearing their hair in its natural state (as opposed to opting for chemical relaxing treatments). The style utilizes drinking straws or thin perm rods to create a head full of neat, even curls that are easily styled with the fingers.


Another favorite of men and women, dreadlocks offer endless possibilities and plenty of style to boot. Short dreads on men are especially hot; the look is neat and organized while still maintaining the freedom of casual dreads.

If You Want to Sport New Urban Hairstyles

If you're hoping to veer away from the classic and more into the trendy zone, you might look to celebrity hair style pictures for inspiration. Rihanna's classic bob hair style, for example, took on an edgy stance that quickly became a fan favorite. Short hairstyles are always chic, and they leave surprising room for versatility when cut in certain ways. Consult with a stylist skilled in cutting black hair to determine which type of hairstyle best suits you.

Urban Hair Care Tips

Since black hair is so fragile, it's important to treat it with the appropriate hair products if you plan to adopt a more complex, high-maintenance style. Due to the hair's naturally porous nature, it generally will not hold moisture very well. This can result in extremely brittle, easily broken and damaged hair. Keep your hair moisturized by following an easy regimen:

  • Shampoo often enough to keep your locks clean, but don't overdo it - daily washing may cause overly dry hair.
  • Use hair moisturizers regularly. Products like Carol's Daughter's Healthy Hair Butter and Dark and Lovely's Daily Moisturizer are ideal for keeping parched tresses healthy and supple.
  • Use light oils in lieu of heavier pomades and gels. This will help prevent product buildup.

Urban hairstyles are sleek and trendy but can look great for anyone with the proper consideration and care.

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