What is Vaniqa Hair Removal?

Vaniqa hair removal is applied twice daily.

While unwanted hair can be bothersome, a number of solutions, such as the topical Vaniqa hair removal cream, are available.

About Vaniqa Hair Removal

Vaniqa is a prescription topical product designed to reduce facial hair. From light growth (or peach fuzz) to darker hair, facial hair is a beauty issue that many women have to cope with. According to the Vaniqa Web site, 41 million American women remove unwanted hair every six months, with smaller percentages tackling hair removal weekly or even daily.

Methods for removing unwanted facial hair include bleaches, depilatories, shaving, waxing and plucking, among others. Visit the Vaniqa site for more details about each of these removal methods.

How Vaniqa Works

There are different causes of facial hair growth, including genetic predisposition, aging, hormonal changes and medical reasons, such as obesity or polycystic ovary syndrome. Menopause and pregnancy are just two causes for hormonal fluctuations.

Vaniqa Cream contains eflornithine HCl, which works to reduce facial hair growth. By tackling the hair follicle during the growth stage, Vaniqa blocks an enzyme that is responsible for hair growth. As a result, users experience slower growth that can easily be managed with their other hair removal solutions.

Vaniqa hair removal should be used by women over 12 years of age. Since Vaniqa has not been tested on men, only women should use the product.

Using the Product

Using the product couldn't be simpler:

  • Apply the Vaniqa cream after washing your face, but prior to moisturizing.
  • Apply a thin layer to any facial areas with unwanted hair twice a day, rubbing the product in until completely absorbed.
  • If you will be wearing makeup, allow the product to dry completely before applying makeup.
  • Allow eight hours between applications of the Vaniqa hair removal product.

While results may be visible in four to six weeks, it may take up to eight weeks to see any changes. Additionally, Vaniqa hair removal cream will need to be used regularly. After an extended period of non-use, your hair growth will return to the normal growth rate you experienced before using the product.

Does it Work?

Vaniqa works, although the product should be approached as a hair inhibitor that reduces facial hair, rather than a miracle product that will make hair disappear. The product's trials saw a visible reduction in unwanted hair growth in patients after four to eight weeks. Despite the reduction, it is still recommended that users continue to perform other hair removal options, although with Vaniqa, the frequency of hair removal should significantly drop.

The Vaniqa Web site recommends that the product be discontinued if there are no results after six months of usage.

Side Effects

As with any product, there are always possible side effects. With Vaniqa, you may experience redness, rashes, or other skin irritations. Contact your doctor if you have continued skin irritation.

Talk to Your Doctor

Of course, since Vaniqa hair removal is a prescription product, you will need to discuss your hair growth with a doctor or dermatologist. Discuss any allergies you may have, whether or not you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, if you are breastfeeding, taking other medications or using other hair removal products.


The final consideration is cost. While some insurance plans will cover this prescription product, not all do. Check with your insurance provider to determine coverage. If your plan doesn't cover it, you can expect an average daily cost of $1.00. Each tube lasts approximately two months with twice daily application.

Visit the Vaniqa Web site for additional information, including success stories, doctor testimonials and answers to frequently asked questions.

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What is Vaniqa Hair Removal?