Vintage Hairstyles

Image of a blonde woman with vintage hairstyle
Finger waves create this retro look.

Vintage hairstyles offer a break from the latest trends while ensuring timeless beauty and style.

There are many vintage styles that are easy to maintain and work for a variety of hair types. With runway fashions traveling down bygone eras, perhaps it's time to give one of these classic hairstyles a whirl.

Types of Vintage Hairstyles

While there are handfuls and handfuls of vintage hairstyles in which to choose, a few select styles offer up mainstream appeal. These looks have glamorized big screens and Broadway shows, and look just as great when flaunted with a pair of denim jeans. Find your vintage hair inspiration and get ready to take a trip back in time.

Pin Curls and Finger Waves

Ask any beauty school graduate about pin curls and finger waves, and they are bound to cringe at the mere thought. The most difficult of all hair manipulation services, pin curls actually mark the overall talent and capability of a hairstylist. Why? A successfully applied finger wave will create wave in the even the most pin straight of hair types.

Pin curls in effect, offer the same extreme manipulation by adding small ringlets and curls. If you don't mind sitting through a heavy application of setting lotion and tail combs, this service can add temporary wave and curl that lasts for several days. Perfect for a special function or occasion when you want some vintage flapper appeal, pin curl updos and finger wave styles simply can't be beat.

To find the best and most experienced stylist who offers this service, it often pays to visit a stylist who specializes in black hair styles, as they often work with finger wave styling.

Woman with pin curled flapper hairstyle
Pin curls add flapper charm.

Long and Parted

Hello hippie! Who doesn't dream of long and chic straight hair from time to time? This vintage nod to seventies hairstyles seems to work whenever boho fashions make a comeback, which lately seems every year. To achieve this natural and free spirited style, it's important that hair be healthy and full of life. Over-processed hair and split ends kill this style immediately. If you must decide between the two, it's better to chop of the unhealthy locks even if it means losing some length. For those who indulge in hair lightening or coloring services, think twice about the condition of your ends before you flaunt this style.

To style, keep hair as straight as possible to avoid unnecessary fullness, and if need be, plug in a straightening iron for perfect results. Add a shine serum to enhance shine.

A note on parts: Center parts aren't always the best choice for women with round faces or a protruded nose. To keep this look balanced, opt for an off center part that will flatter your features better.

The Vintage Gamine Look

For those seeking the rebel in vintage hairstyles, vintage gamine and Rockabilly hair can't be beat. Perfect for those swing dancing parties or coffee after dark, the vintage gamine looks take us back to the days of romancing the rails and those glorious steamer trunks.

To achieve a sexy vintage gamine style, it's all about the hot rollers and a medium to medium long hair length. Layered hair works best for this style and offers some interesting curl direction.

To style: Start with day old hair and set style in jumbo rollers. Spray heavily with a firm hold spray.

Tip: If you have the time and want to go really retro with fabulous results, get a wet set at the beauty parlor. Wet hair will be rolled up into jumbo rollers and you'll be spending time under the dryer with a few beauty magazines and hopefully a caffeinated beverage.

Once curls are unraveled, pin them back without brushing through the style. One side barrette or both sides pulled back will work, some gals even opt for a stunning floral accessory to add a punch of offbeat color. Spray to hold style, and coat lips with your favorite red lipstick.

Layered and Wispy

If you long for Farrah Fawcett locks, a long layered gypsy shag haircut will work best. This timeless and most well known of all vintage hairstyles looks great with a pair of denim shorts and a crisp white shirt, flaunting your summer tan.To style, blow dry hair and set in hot rollers (or use a curling iron) directing hair back and away from the face. Spray with hairspray and brush out curl. Don't forget the jumbo sunglasses.

Get Creative

Vintage hairstyles are a creative and unique way to pull yourself out of a hair rut. When trends come and go, retro hairstyles can add a signature statement to your look . With the use of today's styling products, tossing a modern spin on an old classic has never been easier, or more fun.

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