Ways of Doing Your Hair

Change your part for a new look.

Ever wonder if there are different ways of doing your hair? Often when we are stuck in a beauty or hair rut, inspiration knocks when we least expect it.

Certainly you've seen that gal on the street with a hip hair color and a cut that gets noticed. She's got one thing that many gals can't quite put their finger on. Is it the way her hair is colored? Is it, perhaps, the way her hair moves and compliments her facial features? One thing is certain, regardless of hair length or hair color, without a hair style, you are basically limited in the ways of doing your hair.

Making the Cut

If you want a style that gets you noticed, it's time to make an appointment with the best hairdresser you can afford. Next time you see that unique cut on the street, ask the gal which salon she frequents and who her stylist is. Many women are more than happy to share this information and score such an uplifting compliment.

Prior to meeting your stylist, flip through magazines and check out celebrity hair styles. Find styles that inspire you and make you look twice. Determine if you're after a unique color or bold cut; and then decide if this look is mere infatuation, or if you can see yourself waking up that way every single morning?

Seeing Color

Set aside some you time. Analyze your lifestyle. How much time can you commit to styling or coloring your hair? Hair color has projected maintenance. Not only will your calendar be booked with salon visits, your pocketbook will feel the pain if you aren't financially prepared for the commitment of your new style.

Highlights are a budget friendly entry level color option. Although most highlights need to be touched up every two to three months, allover hair color ranks in at a monthly expense. Do the math and consider your free time. A few randomly placed highlights can add pizzazz to your style while saving a few bucks for a cute outfit that gets you noticed.

Experiment with Different Ways of Doing Your Hair


Have you been set in a mundane hair routine? Before you take the major snip, try experimenting with the hair you do have. Go crazy with styling tools and try new hair products. If you usually wear your hair naturally wavy or curly, why not invest in a straightening iron and try a sedu straight style.If your hair is straight and fine, why not purchase a set of jumbo rollers and add some body to your limp locks? Working with volumizing sprays, texturizing tonics, and mousses can be a great way to add some oomph to your locks while leaving your color and cut untouched.


Fashion trends are calling for headbands and headscarves this season. Tie a headscarf around your tousled bed head locks for instant boho chic glamour. Revisit the simple ponytail with a wide headband for classic Audrey Hepburn appeal. With the addition of unique hair accessories, you'll find styling options more inspiring and you'll revel in the excitement of discovering new looks.

Face the Bad Hair Day

Sometimes, no matter how much effort is put forth, a bad hair day just happens. Rather than take the trimmers to your own head, grin and bear it and know this too, shall pass. Grab a baseball cap, throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses, and top it all off with a bold lip color.

No matter how many endless ways you discover to do your hair, there will be always be days like this.

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Ways of Doing Your Hair