Wedding Day Hair Styles

Classic Bridal Updo

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and there are many beautiful wedding day hair styles to choose from. Whether you are interested in a classic style, a vintage look, or a chick modern hairdo, you can find wedding styles perfect for your special day. The classic bridal updo is one of the most popular styles for brides, with its sleek bangs and tight rear curls, but there are also many other styles to choose from.

Hair Ornaments

Accent a classic bridal style such as an updo or loose ringlets with the right hair ornament. Hair pins, combs, tiaras, headbands, barrettes and other bridal hair accessories can be added to the sides, crown, or rear of your hair for a classy, elegant style.

Statement Accessories

If you don't plan to wear a veil, choose a loose, curly updo pinned with a bold spray of feathers for a fun modern look. This is also a great style for brides to change their hair into after the ceremony is finished and they remove their veil.

Vintage Style

If you have medium-length hair, a vintage wedding style might be perfect for your wedding day. Tucked up in the back but styled with volume and sleek curls in the front, this look is reminiscent of the 1940s but still has a modern edge that will give your bridal style exquisite flair.

Simple Styles

If your wedding dress is heavily embroidered, richly colored, or elaborately detailed, a simple hair style may be the best choice so your complete look isn't overwhelming. Simple straight hair, an understated updo, or even your everyday hairdo dressed up with a simple accessory can be perfect with an elaborate wedding dress.

Long Ringlets

Long, cascading curls are a perfect wedding day style because of their youthful innocence, flirtatious bounce, and romantic shapes. A lot of curls can be overwhelming, however, so if you choose this look opt for a simple headpiece such as a classic tiara or headband that will be noticeable but not too gaudy.

Elegant Updos

Wedding updos don't need to be the classic curly style to be suitable for your special day. Instead, fashion a chic chignon with different lengths of your hair tucked in a simple pattern. With this type of style, you can chose where your wedding veil will be attached and yet the style still looks radiant if you remove your veil later in the evening.

Beach Wedding Hair

Loose, crimped hair is perfect for a beach bride. While the crimping gives the hair some body and movement, it is still casual enough for this type of wedding. Accessorize your style with a tropical flower that will match your wedding bouquet for a coordinated look.

Micro Braided Updo

Micro braids are a popular style for African American women, and micros can easily be coiled into a romantic updo for a perfect wedding day style. Other options with micro braids include a half updo or leaving the ends of each braid undone and curled into romantic ringlets. Some women also prefer to leave long micro braids loose cascading down their back for a richly elegant and easy style.

Hair Patterns

If you want a simple style that still looks both elegant and unique for your wedding day, consider having your hair coiled into a partial updo with patterns of hair curls and swirls adorning the back of your head. This look is beautifully accented with just a few pearl or crystal hair pins, and it can be worn by the bride, bridesmaids, or flower girl.

Long Waves

If you have long wavy hair, take advantage of that length and its natural texture with a loose hair style on your wedding day. Pin back the front and sides of your style to keep your hair manageable, but let your rich locks speak for themselves. If you want a bit of flair in the look, use a jeweled clip or floral barrette to pin the hair back and give it a sophisticated touch.

Elaborate Updos

If you want an updo style but prefer a unique look, let your hairdresser create a beautiful bridal style for you with twists, curls, waves, and knots in a coordinated pattern. To keep a unique updo from getting out of control, remember to concentrate the volume of the hair at the forehead to simulate bangs and frame your face and at the rear to adjust your head shape and balance the front of the style.

Floral Pins

Floral hair pins are a classic accessory for wedding day hair styles. For the best look, choose hair pins that coordinate with your wedding bouquet and that are a suitable size for your hair style. If you are having a style with a lot of body, larger flowers can work well, but if your style is chic and sleek, smaller flowers are more appropriate.

Half Updo

A half updo is a romantic style that can be perfect for a simple, classic bride. Pull the front sections of your hair on either side of your face back to the rear, and secure them with a simple barrette or clip. You may want to leave a few strands to frame your face, but that can be unnecessary if you have hair that falls naturally to your shoulders. For a simple style, your veil can be attached right where your hair is clipped.

Braided Look

Braided hair can be a great look for a bride. You can weave a plait across your forehead and crown to keep your hair under control, or braid a long section of hair on one side and wrap it around your head for a natural, bohemian head band. Other braid styles that look great for brides include coiled and braided updos, French braids, and fishtail braids.

Sweet Bangs

Wedding day hair styles do not need to be elaborate. If you like your everyday look of long hair and bangs, it can be worn on your wedding day easily. Be sure the hair is neatly trimmed, well conditioned, and gently cleaned, and you will have a wedding style that you can enjoy for many days instead of just one.

Basic Bun

A basic bun hair style is perfect for a chic bride. For a modern, sophisticated look, keep the bun low toward the nape of the neck, and consider leaving a tendril or two loose to frame your face. If you don't want those face-framing locks but still want to soften the look of the bun, leave a few locks loose at the nape of your neck.

Mature Styles

Mature brides and brides planning their second wedding often prefer simpler, more natural hair styles. For short hair styles such as bobs and shags, you can also dress up the look with a small barrette or clip that won't overwhelm your style.

Short Style

A bride with short hair can still have a fantastic style for her wedding day. Curled bangs add whimsy and fun to the style while effectively framing the face, and volume can be added to all the curls with a bit of hair gel or spray to help the style keep its shape all day.

Wrapped Locks

Wrapping long hair in twists of ribbon or winding ribbon through braids is an elegant look with a touch of gothic romance. This is perfect for any bride planning a medieval or renaissance theme wedding. For even more beauty, add a flower or two to accentuate the style while coordinating it with the bridal bouquet.


Ponytails are not typically considered wedding styles, but they can be perfect for a casual, simple wedding. Tie back the hair with an elastic trimmed with crystals, pearls, or flowers for special elegance, and sweep bangs across the forehead to frame the face.

Bridal Color

Even if you prefer a basic, classic wedding style, you can spice it up with a bit of fun color. Add hair highlights or lowlights shades to bring out natural tones in your hair and give your style a beautiful sun-kissed look for your special day.

Whether you want a traditional updo, a casual hairdo, or even an edgy look for your wedding day, you have many options for a beautiful bridal style.

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