Wedge Hairstyle

A wedge is flirty and feminine.

A wedge hairstyle is a great way to build volume while keeping a structured and groomed hairstyle. Ideal for those with thick and straight hair types, a wedge balances fullness and adds volume just where it's needed, right on the crown of the head.

Origins of the Wedge

The classic wedge hairstyle was created by master hairstylist Trevor Sorbie in 1974. Working in London at one of Vidal Sassoon's hottest salons, Trevor created the wedge shape to brand himself as an original in the industry amongst a salon floor filled with creative hairdressers. Although the cut was worn on his many sophisticated customers for several years, it wasn't until Olympian medalist Dorothy Hamill wore the wedge in 1976 that the style began its worldwide fame.

Unisex Cut

Unlike many of the popular seventies hairstyles such as The Dukes of Hazard winged feathered styles or the long cornrows made popular by Bo Derek in the movie 10, the wedge haircut boasted yet another unique trait: unisex appeal. Popular in the British club scene, the wedge cut became iconic with men and women in the punk rock culture. With vibrant color added to the cut, the basic wedge proved its versatility amongst young and old, and those with either conservative or alternative tastes.

The Wedge Defined

A wedge is a medium to short hairstyle that is basically a bowl cut with a very exaggerated, tapered up weight line. The cut is filled with heavily blended layering at the nape of the neck, increasing movement and freedom. The wedge can be worn at a variety of lengths, which makes it an ideal hair style for those venturing into a shorter cut with long term styling options.

Get the Look

Like all classic fashion and hair trends that come and go, eventually finding themselves back in the spotlight, the wedge has officially been resurrected. Asymmetrical and bobbed hair is back in vogue, and the wedge haircut is a perfect alternative to a traditional, one length bobbed cut. If you're shopping for a new, runway worthy style, a Dorothy Hamill wedge may be the perfect look.

With the help of straightening irons and styling tools, the wedge can work on many hair types, although those with curly or textured wavy locks may find themselves struggling with the shape on a daily basis. The asymmetrical shape of the wedge helps straight strands just fall into place, those with kink or curl will have to flatten their locks to get the smooth effect of this style.

Styling a Wedge Hairstyle

The wedge hairstyle is a high maintenance haircut that will require trims every six to eight weeks and a daily commitment to grooming. Don't expect to wake up and go with a wedge cut. This style requires a hair dryer and a brush to smooth the cuticle and soften the lines.

To prepare for styling a traditional wedge cut, you'll need the following:

  • Blow dryer
  • Smoothing or straightening balm
  • Paddle or round brush
  • Straightening iron
  • Hair spray

To style a wedge haircut:

  1. Towel dry hair and work a straightening balm from scalp to ends.
  2. Blow dry hair on high heat, low speed until 75 percent of the moisture has been removed.
  3. Section hair in clips. Starting in the back, smooth the hair against the scalp. Work towards the front hairline, careful not to build too much body in the shape.
  4. Finish with a straightening iron to flatten any texture and to control volume and fullness.
  5. Set with a heavy spray of hair spray.

A wedge is a feminine and flirty medium length cut that works on a variety of facial shapes. With a bit more movement than a standard bob, a wedge is a complimentary haircut for those with a polished high fashion and effortlessly chic style.

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