What Are Some Pretty Hairstyles

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Are you wondering what are some pretty hairstyles? Feminine and flowing locks generally fall into the category of pretty, but that doesn't mean a short crop or layered shag won't complement your beauty. The answer to what are some pretty hairstyles is simply, what looks best on you?

What are Some Pretty Hairstyles for Me

Pretty is defined as having delicacy, grace, and an element of beauty, and the good news is, every woman has an element of beauty about her. The key to finding a pretty hairstyle is to choose one that compliments your facial structure and unique traits.

Delicate Features

Women with delicate features can wear a variety of pretty styles. Delicate facial features such as a small nose, petite smile, or softly chiseled cheekbones are complimented by sharp and linear cuts, adding a touch of boldness and strength to the facial shape. Good styles for delicate features include angled bobbed hair, cropped pixies, and short hair styles with bangs. To make the most of your pretty features, draw attention to your soft facial shape with bold edges and vibrant color. Don't be afraid to take the runway approach to avante garde beauty. Chances are, your facial features can pull it off!

Prominent Features

Women with prominent features, such as large eyes, a large nose, and high cheekbones should opt for the opposite of pretty styles that work on women with delicate features. Instead of wearing a bold and exaggerated hair cut, consider soft and voluptuous styles that add curve and softness to your facial shape. Long, layered cuts, feathered or loose curls, and gently shaped layers will enhance your beauty without emphasizing your prominent features. Instead, let your prominent facial shape or features be complimented with a softened silhouette or loose waves. Hair color can still be bold, if you're craving a unique look you can still experiment with chunking hair color techniques and artistic hair color placement. Let a feminine curve compliment your beauty and go for a style that sweeps gently against your face.

Color Me Pretty

Hair color can help transform your features and compliment your beautiful assets. Many women feel they look the best with the color they were born with, while others feel the urge to dabble in a chart of hair colors. Either way, there are usually a variety of hair colors that work an each woman. Skin tone largely determines what hair color will flatter and compliment you. Women with fair skin tend to look best in blonde, red, and cool based brunette hues, while women with medium to olive skin look their best in warm tones such as copper, caramel, and golden shades. A professional hair colorist can help you determine a hair color that will work for your skin tone and compliment your facial coloring and your haircut.


Hair color is a high maintenance process that requires upkeep and special care to protect the integrity of the hair's condition. Before you consider a hair color process, keep in mind both the commitment and expense that hair color requires. Highlights are often the best color process for women seeking a burst of color without a huge monetary commitment. No matter the color service you choose, keep up with maintenance to look your best, as nothing looks worse that grown out roots or faded hair color.

Styling Inspirations

If you're still wondering, "What are some pretty hairstyles?', you may want to try a software program such as a free virtual hair makeover. Virtual makeovers are simple to use and can help you find a pretty look that compliments you. Once you upload a personal photo, you can explore hundreds of different cut and color options.

In addition to a cut and color, don't discount the use of playful or romantic hair accessories to enhance and decorate your look. A simple updo adorned with a beautiful flower is sophisticated, feminine, and pretty. Setting hair in hot rollers and allowing the loose waves to spill softly around your face and shoulders is a timeless and pretty look perfect for daytime wear or a dinner date.

Once you find a pretty hairstyle that you're confident wearing, take the time to groom yourself daily to keep your hair healthy and elegant. Looking and feeling your best is easy when you're having a great hair day!

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What Are Some Pretty Hairstyles