What Haircut Is Right for Me

Choose a style that works with your face shape.

Wondering to yourself, what haircut is right for me? Well, the answer can vary depending upon your face shape and personal preference.

So, What Haircut is Right For Me?

Knowing what type of hair style is best for you is not easy and it involves more than meets the eye. In fact, it means having a good grasp of the different face shapes, as well as knowing the best haircuts that are suited to those shapes.

The Round Face

  • Definition: As one might imagine, a round faces has a rounded chin and hairline. The widest point on the face is at the cheeks and ears.

The best hair style for round faces add height to the crown or include an off center part. If your hair is longer than chin length, try a style that is swept-back in either direction.

Try to avoid center parts, very short cropped hair, and straight cropped bangs. Also avoid styles that give added fullness at the sides of the ears. Essentially, with this style, you don't want to add more fullness to the widest part (the cheeks) of the face.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Some stars with a beautifully rounded face are Ingrid Berman, Kate Winslet, and Drew Barrymore.

The Oval Face

  • Definition: The oval face has a slightly rounded hairline and the jaw line is narrower than the width of the temples.

This is considered the ideal face shape because it can pull of a wide variety of hair styles. All of the short, medium, and long hair styles work well with this face shape. In fact, the only style to avoid is heavy bangs. That's because the bangs will "cut" the face in half and hide your gently tapered features.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Several stars have this face shape including Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, and Uma Thurman.

Oblong or Rectangular

  • Definition: This is a long and slender shape that approximately has the same width at both the forehead and cheekbones. Additionally, a high forehead or a very narrow chin can also accompany this shape.

The object here is to add fullness at the sides of the face. You can also add a few wispy bangs, as this will soften the face. This look is long and slender, so adding bangs will shorten the face, while the fullness at the sides will add width.

Layered hair styles that have lots of movement are ideal for this face shape. One can also try wearing the hair on a side part. Things you'll want to avoid include having very long hair (it only adds more length to the face), and adding too much height to the crown (again, this only lengthens the features).

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Celebrities that sport a rectangular face include Gwyneth Paltrow, Janet Jackson and Kristie Alley.

The Square Face

  • Definition: A square face means having a square jaw line that is accompanied by an equally square hairline.

The best look on a square face is one that is short to medium in length and that has a slight wave to it, since this will have a softening overall effect. Wispy bangs and off center parts with height at the crown work great as well.

If you have naturally straight hair, consider getting a body wave of some sort. Avoid long straight hair styles as this will accentuate the jaw line. Bob hair styles work well too, but make sure that they end either above or below the jaw line; it should not end at the jaw line. Add a little height to the crown so that the look achieves some roundness.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Celebrities that have square shaped faces include Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, and Isabella Rossellini.

Heart Shaped Face

  • Definition: A heart shaped face is one that is wide at the hairline and temples, but narrows to a delicate chin.

Long hairstyles or chin-length hair works great on this face shape. One can also try a side part, or swept forward layers (for example, when you toss all your hair to one side). Chin bobs look brilliant on this shape, so don't be afraid to try that style as well. Stay away from short, full styles that emphasize the upper area of the face, as well as slicked back styles.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Turn to Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashley Judd, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer for inspiration.

Triangle Shaped Face

  • Definition: This is the reverse of the heart shape. Here the cheekbones and temples are narrow, while the jaw line is dominant.

Look for styles that provide fullness at the temples, but taper down delicately at the jaw line, as this will achieve a balance to the face. Shags and off center looks that offer lots of layers will also add fullness to the top portion of the face. You can also tuck your hair behind your ears to create the illusion of fullness.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: The stunning looks of super model Kathy Ireland is a great example of a triangular face.


  • Definition: Diamond faces are widest at the cheekbones and feature an equally narrow forehead and jaw line.

This is a dramatic and well-balanced shape that can pull of just about any hair style. Shorter styles work very well on this shape. There is really nothing you need to avoid, but just try not to wear too much hair because it can hide your beautiful features.

  • Celebrity Inspiration: Katherine Hepburn, Linda Evangelista, and Sophia Lauren all share the diamond shaped face.

Putting It All Together

In answering the question what haircut is right for me, think carefully about your face shape. Knowing this key piece of the puzzle can help direct your search. Of course, you'll also want to take into consideration your personal preference, because nothing feels better than incorporating your own personal sense of style for a fabulous look that is uniquely you.

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