What Is the Best Hairstyle for My Body Type

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If you're wondering, "What is the best hairstyle for my body type?", take a look at a few of these design suggestions.

What Is the Best Hairstyle For My Body Type and Frame

Body type goes hand in hand with body frame when it comes to determining a flattering hair style. For example, a larger framed woman may look better with longer hair, but if she's short, that same style will only make her look wider and potentially heavier. Before you decide on your best hairstyle, take a look at the following suggestions for generalized body shapes and frames.

Tall and Slender Bodies

Tall and slender women have plenty of stylish options for hair and fashion, but that doesn't mean you should limit yourself to traditional and safe cuts. To add some drama and head turning trend to your cut and frame, why not opt for a shoulder grazing and flipped style instead? Channel Uma Thurman's classic Pulp Fiction look for a dramatic and sexy style that adds some fullness and volume off the shoulders. While slender and tall women can work, and look good in plenty of looks, a medium length haircut is the most proportionate.

Curvy and Larger Frames

Curvy and larger framed women may want to avoid a short style in order to look their best. Adding some volume and length to your frame by way of hair will help soften and better proportion your body scale. Why not embrace the curl and texture trends and add a light body wave to straight hair? Women with naturally curly hair can work a styling creme through the ends, allowing curls to tumble to the shoulder for a flattering look. If you decide to go for a short style, make sure you add some height either with a bang or top layers to balance the width of your style.

Petite and Small Frames

If you're petite and small, perhaps it's time to embrace your inner pixie in a body flattering cut. Short hair styles such as pop star Rihanna's won't compete with your silhouette. In fact, a cute, short style will help emphasize your petite and adorable build. A messy bob, choppy short layers, and a razored boy cut should all be on your list of style considerations.

If you simply must have longer locks, limit your length to no longer than your shoulders to avoid overwhelming your frame. In addition, stay away from heavy curls and body, which can literally swallow you whole if you have too much. Keep your style streamlined and clean for your best body-flattering look.

Average Height and Builds

If you're of average height and build, you can pretty much opt for anything so long as you keep your facial shape and hair texture in mind. Average builds and bodies look great in a variety of mid to long lengths, as well as short styles with or without volume. Since your body is relatively proportionate and your build can support plenty of styles, try out several popular hair trends and see what works best for your lifestyle. If you love long hair, make sure it hits you in a flattering spot, normally right above the bra line for most women with an average build. If you go short, consider a classic chin length bob. If you're craving a bang, go for a side swept version that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Keep an Open Mind

While some of the answers to the question, "What is the best hairstyle for my body type?" may seem as though they wouldn't be your first choice, take a leap of faith and try them out. Body shapes are always enhanced when the overall proportions are kept in mind. If you're larger, hair should be larger, if you're smaller, hair should be smaller. Keep these tips in mind and be sure to read the following articles for more inspiring hair ideas based on your own facial shape.

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What Is the Best Hairstyle for My Body Type