Where Can I Find Prom Down Dos

Leave hair loose for prom.

Do you find yourself asking, "Where can I find prom down dos?" There are plenty of formal prom hair updos in hair and fashion magazines, but on the flipside, formal hair down styles don't get the same attention.

Where Can I Find Prom Down Dos: Answered

Long hair is found everywhere in the beauty world. Pick up any magazine and you're bound to find a model or celebrity with loose and cascading locks. Although the styles may not be considered formal in technique, their looks transcend the red carpet or runway with grace and elegance.

It's true, not every formal prom hair style has to be swept up. In fact, depending on the cut of the dress, many silhouettes call for a down hair style with minimal shape or accessories.

Here're a few places for finding a look that works flawlessly with your dress:

  • Fashion magazines
  • Bridal magazines
  • Vintage photographs
  • Television or movie stars
  • Advertisements or commercials

When to Wear Hair Down

You may have heard the expression, "let your hair down", but when should that advice truly be heeded?Check out the neckline of your formal dress. Is it low? Does it showcase your clavicle bone? Are there a lot of details or embellishments that may compete with a formal updo? Generally speaking, down hair looks best on the following cuts or silhouettes of gowns:

  • V-neckline
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Fitted silhouette
  • Plunging neckline

Celebrity Inspiration

There are plenty of celebrities that embrace a loose and flowing style. Check out some of the famous pinup girls from the 1950s and starlets like Marilyn Monroe for inspiration. Modern day celebrities who are known for their loose and sexy manes are Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie.

Gals looking for a sleek down 'do need to look no further than fashion icons Victoria Beckham or Katie Holmes. Find a celeb who rocks your style and emulate their down hair look.

Getting the Style

Once you've decided to wear your hair down on prom night, you'll need to style it. Wearing your hair down is sexy and feminine, no matter the length. Just make sure you put extra effort into blow drying or styling your hair to ensure the style looks as fabulous as you.

  • Day Old Hair: Start with day old hair. Day old hair holds its shape and has increased volume. Shampoo and blow dry hair the night before prom using a round brush to add volume and height to your hair. For professional results, book an appointment at the salon for a blow-out.
  • Set Hair: The night of the big dance, you'll want to set hair in hot rollers to add shape and light curl. Jumbo rollers work on medium to long hair, if you have short hair, opt for small diameter rollers.
  • Spray with Hairspray: While the hot rollers are cooling on the scalp, spray hair heavily with a high hold hair spray.
  • Remove Rollers: For best results, leave the rollers in the hair at least 30 minutes prior to removing. Once the rollers are removed, gently spray hair allover with high hold hair spray.
  • Shake: Bend at the waist, flip head over, and shake! Lightly separate the curls with your fingers.
  • Spray: Finish your style with a shine spray to enhance sheen and another shot of hair spray.

Because wearing hair down is a sexier, less formal alternative to an updo, go ahead and accessorize your look with a little bling. A rhinestone hair accessory or sparkly earrings will peak out behind loose waves and add some glamour to your finished look.

"Where can I find prom down dos?" Anywhere! Wearing your hair down for prom takes a lot of hassle out of planning the big day and choosing a formal hairstyle. The end result is an entirely wearable style that is still formal, feels natural, and is just plain glamorous!

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