Winter Hairstyles

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Having a hot look in cold weather is no problem when you find the right winter hairstyles. As temperatures drop styles change, and knowing what's fashionable as the snow flies can keep you stylish all winter long.

Winter Looks to Avoid

Winter days are short, dark, and dreary, but your hair style can be vibrant, fun, and fabulous. At the same time, however, some hair styles are more suitable for summer temperatures and sunny days, making them seem unnatural and out of place in the winter. Styles to avoid in the winter include:

  • Bold blonde hair that can make winter pale skin seem washed out and pallid.
  • Sun-kissed hair highlights when there isn't enough sun to create them.
  • Frosted hair styles that also occur naturally in the sunlight; using these styles in the winter emphasizes that they're not natural.

Darker, richer colors such as sultry brunette hair or subtle hair lowlights shades are more suitable in winter and can be just as fabulous and stunning as lighter looks.

Popular Winter Hairstyles

Many different looks are popular in winter, and there are glamorous options available no matter what your hair length or style. Popular looks in cold weather include:

  • Volume: Adding volume to your look adds drama and balances well with more layers of bulky clothing and winter wear. Root boost sprays and volumizing shampoos can quickly add volume to a great style, while layered hair styles add textural volume or a vintage beehive hairdo can be a fun style with plenty of lift.
  • Bangs: Hair styles with bangs are popular in the winter because they draw attention to the eyes, frame the face, and minimize the winter pallor of the skin. Sideswept bangs can be dramatic and fun, while full cut bangs are a classic look that wears well in any season.
  • Long Hair: Long hair - curly, wavy, or straight - is always popular in the winter because it wears well over bulky clothes and under winter hats while adding elegance to any look. If you don't already have long hair, you can consider hair extensions for a fast and fresh look. Flipped or layered ends, great accessories, or sleek sedu hair styles are all great long looks.
  • Woman wearing winter hat
    Bob hairstyle
    Bobs: Bob hair styles are favorites in winter because they are quick and easy to care for and can create lovely options for shorter hair. Contemporary bobs may have heavily tapered tips for exotic flair, while a deliberately mess bob is a carefree and sexy look.
  • Shags: Shag hair styles are also favorite winter hairstyles with shorter lengths. The length, layers, and texturizing of the shag can vary, and adding lowlights will create depth and dimension in the style.
  • Razors: Razor hair cuts are particularly popular in winter because they add cutting edge drama to a look with minimal effort. The messy texture of the style demonstrates a bold, confident personality well suited to such a bold season.

Formal Winter Looks

The winter season is filled with holidays from Christmas and New Year's to Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day, and knowing what formal styles look best in the winter can keep you elegant and sophisticated for any event. Updo styles are always popular, and adding a glittering hair accessory such as a jeweled pin or comb adds a touch of snowy sparkle to the look. A French twist or French braids are also popular formal styles for winter parties, and using a scarf as a seasonal accessory can winterize the look beautifully.

Caring for Winter Hair

Young woman in winter
Long style in winter

To keep winter hairstyles looking their best, proper care is essential. These tips will keep your style healthy and gorgeous no matter how cold the season:

  • Moisturize Properly: Cold winter air is dryer than during the rest of the year, and using an appropriate conditioner is necessary to keep hair properly soft and moisturized. Hot oil treatments can also help if hair is particularly dry and brittle.
  • Clarify: Using too many hair products to protect and style a winter look can dull hair as residue builds up. Choose a clarifying shampoo designed to eliminate this excess and keep hair soft and light.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet: Eating a healthy keeps your style from looking as if it has the flu even if you don't. Don't forget to drink plenty of water to keep hair moisturized from within.
  • Wash Less: In the dry winter months, many people can get away with washing their hair less frequently. This will preserve the beneficial natural oils and keep hair lustrous for longer.

The key to the best winter hairstyles is to find the right look for you in this chilly season. With a great style, whether you prefer long, loose waves or short, spikey cuts, you can have a hot look all year long.

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