Women's Soap Opera Hair Styles

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Flawless, glamorous hair is a celebrity style essential!

It's no secret that celebrities can be quite inspirational when it comes to street styles, and it's also no surprise that many are intrigued by women' soap opera hair styles. Whether short, long, curly, straight, or somewhere in between, these styles radiate elegance and beauty.

Fabulous Style, 24/7

No matter what type of hair you might have, chances are you'll find a soap opera actress with a similar hair type. While you may not have a personal stylist at your daily beck and call, these actresses do - so who better to take inspiration from? Though everything from their clothing to their makeup is virtually impeccable, the hairstyles almost always stand out. Those enviably glossy manes of luxurious hair are sure to convince almost any woman that a soap opera hairstyle might be worth a shot.

Favorite Women's of Soap Opera Hair Styles

Though there have been hundreds of soap opera actresses over the years and practically just as many beloved hairstyles, a few simply stand out from the rest. Here are a few that are not only glamorous, but also easy enough to emulate in the comfort of your own home (no personal stylist needed!).

Hunter Tylo

Though she's adopted various styles over the years, Hunter Tylo pulls both long and short looks off with ease. One of her most memorable looks was cut short to just above the shoulders, heavily layered and finished with long bangs that frame the face. Ideal for oval face shapes, the style is especially appropriate for individuals with straight hair.

Lisa Rinna

She may be best known for her fabulously full pout, but Lisa Rinna's stylish 'do is nothing to scoff at! Short, flipped out and wildly unkempt in the most pulled together way, her style can best be described as slick and sophisticated. Rinna is fond of adding height at the crown and wearing piecy bangs across the forehead and to the side. An updated take on a typical short haircut, Rinna's style is proof that short hair can be immensely sexy.

Amy Gibson

Women who have suffered from hair loss can take great inspiration from actress Amy Gibson, who has suffered from alopecia for years. In order to hide her condition from her colleagues, she wore wigs and tried everything she could to stimulate her hair's growth in the meantime. Nothing worked, and she eventually launched a line of stylish hairpieces for women called Amy's Presence.

Kelly Monaco

Iage of soap opera star Kristian Alfonso
Kristian Alfonso

Long, dark and wavy, Kelly Monaco's dramatic hair was emblematic of the sultry hairstyles of soap opera actresses. One of her most famous styles, it was full of bounce and body, with slightly layered ends and long, sideswept bangs that just grazed the eyelids. Never one to commit to a particular look (as few actresses are), Monaco graduated to a sleek, shoulder-length bob with light highlights for an updated style.

Kristian Alfonso

Individuals with fine hair can enjoy the same voluminous style that Alfonso sports on television. Mousse at the roots adds lift, a large, natural-bristle, round brush and hairdryer bring sleekness, and a bit of hair spray at the roots adds additional volume as the hair dries. In order to add volume to a flat front, slip a Velcro roller in. The hair is then backcombed and locked with hair spray to ensure that the fullness remains all day long.

Emily O'Brien

Though her style in real life is quite straightforward and simple, actress Emily O'Brien's character in The Young and the Restless sports a much edgier, more noticeable look. Famous for her wild side, the character boasts thick, bold, candy-inspired streaks in her hair to match. Interestingly, the look captured attention and inspired some fans of the character to emulate the style. Single streaks of color in some of the character's preferred shades (like purple) are available to purchase.

Soap opera star Susan Lucci
Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci

No mention of hairstyles and soap operas would be complete without Susan Lucci, who has undergone various style transformations over the years but has never wavered from looking consistently flawless. Long and tousled, her hair is easy enough to achieve at home - using hot rollers and a hairdryer, create a full-bodied mane and finish with a shine spray for red carpet-worthy credibility.


If you're thinking it's time for a style change, you may just glean some inspiration from women's soap opera hair styles. Once you've found a look you love, set aside a couple of photographs to show your stylist. This will help your stylist determine if the look is right for you!

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Women's Soap Opera Hair Styles