7 Thoughts You Have When Trying a New Hairstylist for the First Time

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Your first date with a new hairstylist is a monumentous occasion. Your heart pounds, your mouth is dry...could it be that you are really doing this? Don't know whether you're doing the right thing or making a major hair faux pas? We're guessing you're thinking some of these as your appointment looms near....

1. What Was I Thinking?!!

Woman frustrated with new hair cut

You finally hit your breaking point. You've had one botched 'do too many and now it's sayonara to your old hairdresser! But now D-Day and your appointment with a new hairdresser is getting closer, and you're totally chickening out, worried that an even more horrendous haircut awaits you on the horizon. You envision your new hairstylist randomly hacking at your hair like something out of a horror movie. You have a choice. You can sit up in bed all night fretting, OR do a little digging to make sure your new hairstylist won't commit third degree assault on your hair. Check out some reviews, ask your friends, and have a little dig around on social media to head off any trauma at the pass.

2. Don't Chop All my Hair!

Woman looking in mirror, surprised

You've been there before. A new hairstylist, all gung-ho and up in your face, primed and ready to utterly violate your hair with their "expert ideas." But hold up! Did you really think you could just breeze in all airy-fairy with absolutely no idea of what you wanted as if this total stranger would magic up the goods? NOO way sister! To make sure things get past the first hair date, you need to have a firm idea of what you want. Be sure to know exactly how much you want cut, the style you're going for, and showing up with a picture of your desired outcome couldn't hurt either. After all, you just met, so how are they to know how to hit your hair-spot the very first time?

3. I Hope They're Not Color Blind...

Scared Teen in Pink Hair

Ok so in reality, there are probably very few hairdressers who are actually color blind, but there are a HEAP of hairdressers whose hair color judgement might not quite tally with yours. You can avoid having to hide freaky-deeky fluorescent hair under a hat by looking at color swatches beforehand and knowing the exact color you want. You can even try swinging by your hairdresser's a few days before to suss out what color you want. And remember, just like with everything in life, it's all about boundaries. If they think you would be an amazing platinum blonde bombshell, when all you really want is a little honey, just say NO!

4. Should I Cancel Now?

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Your ends might look like they've done nine rounds with an electric socket, and yet you wonder....is it too late to cancel? Don't be a flake! Everyone needs to take a risk in life, and what if this hairstylist is really the ONE? Kick your hair anxiety to the curb and think about how good you'll feel once you've had a wash and blow dry, not to mention a quick little head massage.

5. Too Late to Make up?

Woman feeling sorry

You haven't even done the hairdresser dirty yet and already you're reminiscing about the "good old days" with your former hairstylist. Your second thoughts about hair cheating has you wondering whether you should give your old hairstylist just one last chance. After all, there's a lot of history... maybe they'll get it right if you try them one more time? The question is, to fess or not to fess? If you're thinking of rekindling your old hairstylist flame, coming clean about your cheating intentions might help improve your experience together. After all, they'll just be pleased to have you back... right?

6. Wait, How Much?!?

Woman looking at money

Upgrading your stylist seemed like a good idea when you decided to book the appointment because hey, you get what you pay for, right? But now that it's the end of month...maybe not so much. It's ok, you'll just go to this hairdresser less often, and even out the jaw-dropping cost that way. Especially because they are a better hairstylist so the cut will last SO much longer... right? Good luck!

7. I'll Just Spy a Little...

Woman looking through binoculars

In your total out-of-your-mind state about finally making an appointment with a new hairstylist, you are starting to wonder if it would be weird to just sit at the cafe across the road and scope the people coming out of the salon - just to make sure you haven't made the mother of all blunders. I mean, nobody would know, and sitting there being judgy isn't against the law last time you checked.

Trying a new hairstylist IS a big deal-but remember, its only one hair cut and nothing lasts forever. So go on, be bold, be prepared, and go forth and look fabulous!

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7 Thoughts You Have When Trying a New Hairstylist for the First Time