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Bikini wax
What's your bikini wax style?

If you're interested in body hair removal, the following bikini wax styles will help you determine the best process for your personal needs and comfort level. Whether you want to feel confident year round or are ready to hit the beach in a bikini, body hair removal is an important grooming step that shouldn't be overlooked. Offering plenty of hygienic benefits, hair removal is also considered an attractive and necessary grooming practice for many people.

Popular Bikini Wax Styles

Women opt for a variety of bikini wax styles based on personal preference as well as maintenance commitment. Bikini waxing is one of the most popular forms of body hair removal and has become more affordable than ever. Rather than opt for expensive laser treatments or deal with the hassle of shaving, bikini waxing offers smooth and knick-free results that are sure to help you bare your body with confidence. If you're interested in this professional form of hair removal, take a look at the following popular bikini wax styles and decide which one is best for you:

Basic bikini wax: A traditional or basic bikini wax removes the hair surrounding the outside of a panty or bikini line. This wax option is a popular choice. Customized to fit your anatomy and preference, a basic bikini wax does the job while remaining a bit modest.

Full Bikini Wax: A full bikin wax offers a bit more hair removal than a basic wax. It can remove some of the hair at the top and remove more hair on the sides. This is a good option if you don't have a high cut, low-rise, or other type of bikini bottom that might necessitate a more hair removal.

French Bikini Wax: A French wax is not quite as daring as a Brazilian, but takes the majority of hair off the front except for a small strip and stops before the back.

Brazilian wax: A Brazilian bikini wax is basically bare. If you're looking for the smoothest of results, going hair-free is a popular option. A small strip or triangle is often left with this type of wax.

Hollywood wax: While the Brazilian often leaves a small triangle or strip of hair, the Hollywood is a complete wax, leaving everything completely bare from front to back. This is the ultimate wax for those looking for a hair-free style.

Preparation and After Care

Body hair needs to be at least 1/4" inch long to wax effectively. When you book your first wax removal visit, make sure hair is long enough. After your first service the esthetician should provide you with an expected follow-up date. This means if you're in-between visits, you'll be growing out the bikini line 2-3 weeks between each service. If you opt for a Brazilian wax, you'll only be bare for one full week in a month. Plan vacations and personal needs accordingly. A traditional bikini wax will offer a more gradual and blended grow out period.

While many people are comfortable with at-home waxing kits, the bikini area is hard to access and should be performed by a professional to avoid any accidents or burns. A quality wax will ensure better grip and less chance of allergic reaction. After waxing, skin may be red and tender for several days. A lightweight bath powder can help conceal redness and help soothe the area. Apply Aloe Vera as needed to help cool and calm the skin.

Where to Go

Most elite beauty salons and spas offer body waxing, as well as hair removal clinics. To find a reputable establishment in your area, search the phonebook or Internet and book a consultation if necessary to meet with you service provider and discuss options and pricing. Once you've found a specialist you can begin monthly appointments to maintain the outgrowth of your bikini line.

While bikini waxing isn't the only method of hair removal it is certainly one of the quickest and also lasts much longer than a traditional shave. If you've grown tired of managing your body hair at home, these wax styles are sure to inspire you to meet with a professional to discuss your body hair options.

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