Actresses with Long Dark Hair

Create Great Lengths

Think dark hair's boring? Well, these actresses will have you thinking again. Take for example Katie Holmes' new, longer style.

Recreate this look at home by first making sure that your hair is all one length. From there, blow dry hair straight, using a soft rounded brush underneath the hair. Finish with shine promenade or spray.

Sport Soft Waves

This is an ideal look for those with thick hair, and like Megan Fox, you'll need clips to create these waves. Slick a bit of gel through your hair, but use a brand that is flexible and that allows movement (mousse can work as well).

Slip the clips into the hair and allow the waves to set. Once you have your waves, use your fingers to artfully arrange your hair.

Be a Natural Beauty

Lucy Liu proves that you don't need a lot of products to get great looking hair. For this wash and wear style, you'll need to do just that; wash hair and part in the middle.

For best results and a bit of volume, blow dry hair upside down. Once right side up, use a wide tooth comb to smooth strands down. A mist of finishing spray will keep fly-away hairs at bay and still look beautifully natural.

Cascading Chocolate Waves

This is another supple look, and even better, Angelina Jolie helps to prove that it is possible to have bangs and long hair at the same time.

For this style, blow dry hair smooth, and add some shine enhancer for a polished look. Part bangs in the middle, or blow dry them slightly back.

If you color your hair, you'll also want to make sure you select a shade that has the word "chocolate" in it for the most authentic results.

Long Layered Shag

Long, shaggy layers works great for both day and night as Kirsten Stewart so aptly proves.

Key to this style is a good, layered cut, and hair that is highlighted. Start with a color that offers a chestnut base, and then add a few red highlights.

Long and Sleek Style

Chief among the actresses with long hair is Mila Kunis. This is another look that's blow dried to sleek perfection, but you'll also need a flexible gel or mousse to keep hair in place.

Additionally, you can always use a curling iron on the ends of the hair for a gentle, wavy, finish.

A Gentle Part

If you have thick hair, Ann Hathaway's look can work well.

Cut hair so that it falls just beneath the shoulders and add warm, subtle highlights to the look. From there, part hair and let the waves flow naturally.

Award Winning Style

For a look like Sandra Bullock's blunt cut, you'll need the expertise of a good stylist. Choose this look if your hair is more on the thin side because blunt cuts on thick hair tend to overwhelm the face.

Waves and Body

Ashley Greene shows off a great hair color and expertly applied highlights in this dark, wavy hairstyle.

You can do the same by first focusing on your hair's color and cut. A large-barreled curling iron or large rollers can provide the type of body and waves shown here.

The Original

Demi Moore is a true original that always stands out in a sea of blondes. The most important factor with this style is keeping your hair healthy and shiny. With a simple straight style, you still have the option of adding waves when you want to change up your look.

This long hair celebrity look suits brunettes with both thick and thin varieties of hair. Adding bangs to the look works beautifully as well.

You don't have to be a celebrity to have gorgeous hair. Take ideas from these beautiful dark hairstyles and get a red-carpet look for yourself.

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Actresses with Long Dark Hair