Alice Cullen Hairstyle

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Capture Alice Cullen's style!

If you want to capture the fashionable and playful style of Twilight's most outgoing character, you'll love the following Alice Cullen hairstyle tips.

Alice Cullen Hairstyle Tips

For readers of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight books, Alice Cullen is most memorable for her flair of fashion. Unlike Bella Swan who favors an easygoing girl-next-door look, Alice Cullen embraces all of her girlish charm despite her immortality. Whether you want to dress as Alice Cullen as part of a Halloween group costume theme, or simply love her look in the ''Twilight'' movies, these tricks can help you pull off her playful style with the confidence only a true member of the Cullen pack could possess.

The Cut

An Alice Cullen hairstyle is packed full of body thanks to plenty of easy to style medium length layers. Layers add lots of interest and lift to the hair, making them a perfect styling option for anyone with fine and limp tresses or thick hair that craves more manageability and less bulk. If you're in between long and short hair, you can embrace Alice's style with little more than added layers. If you want your hair to maintain some length, you risk losing some of Alice's body, lift and flippy ends. It's best to keep hair just below the chin for an authentic Alice Cullen cut, so be prepared to either grow your hair or lose a few inches if you really want to create her style.

While layers offer plenty of versatility, they require more maintenance and styling than a regular wash and wear cut. Be sure you have the time to invest in daily styling if you opt for Alice's look. The following tools are key for Alice's hairstyle.

The Tools for an Alice Cullen Style

  • Flat iron
  • Blow dryer
  • Round brush
  • Comb
  • Texturizing paste or pomade
  • Hair spray

Step by Step Styling Instructions

If your cut is layered and ready to style, you'll find the above tools work best to create volume and lift. Shampoo hair and condition as needed. Allow hair to dry 75% before working with a brush to prevent breakage and unnecessary heat stress on the hair shaft. Begin sectioning the hair and work with a round brush to smooth the sections. At the bottom of your style, flip your wrist up and create an upward curl. Blow dry bangs to the side and sweep the top and side portion of your Alice style back and off your face. Use a pomade or paste to separate your sections, define the flipped bottom, and to add some movement across the top layers of your hair.

Hair Color and Accessories

Alice Cullen has a beautiful shade of warm brunette hair. Her color can be achieved with an allover process mixed with some highlights that are lifted to a creamy auburn hue. You can add more of a red base if you like Alice's more vibrant shade, or you can keep it lower maintenance with a chocolate brown color. Either way, adding highlights will help separate the solidity of your color and create some interest.

Hair accessories are a great way to add even more drama to an Alice Cullen cut. Whether you're sweeping back a shorter bang or merely fixing a bad hair day with the aide of an ornate headband, be sure to invest a bit of money in fun and playful hair accessories to tie in your youthful and flirty look. Alice is fashion forward and has plenty of femininity to spare, so be sure to embrace the creativity and fun in hair styling if you're after her girly cut and style.

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Alice Cullen Hairstyle