Pictures of Miley Cyrus Hair Styles

Distinctive Miley Cyrus Hair Looks

Viewing pictures of Miley Cyrus hair styles shows just how far this star has come in just a few short years, however, even way back in 2006, she was creating a signature look.

Miley's hair is naturally long and brown, and the signer often sports loose waves.

At the VH1 Big in '06 Awards, the image featured here, Miley gave just a hint of the hair styles she'd sport in years to come.

Experimenting with Color

At the 2007 American Music Awards, Miley experiments with a bit of color, and adds a slight streak of blond highlights to her hair.

Additionally, she opts for a sleek, straight look, veering from her usual wavy style. Note that if you want to achieve this style, highlight just a few strands, and space them about an inch apart.

Soft Upswept 'Do

At the 2008 American Music Awards, Miley decides to try a softened updo which is the perfect style for her age; a severe, pulled-back bun might be a bit overwhelming for her face.

Instead, by choosing to go soft, she only enhances the youthful glow of her face.

Sweet Side Ponytail

Miley wows again at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards with a side ponytail.

This style works for a few different reason; first her part is off to the side, not in the middle. This is smart because her bangs balance out the ponytail located on the opposite shoulder.

Her ponytail is also a soft and slightly wavy one. Put together, these two factors help contribute to a sweet and sophisticated style.

Fearless Color

Snapped while doing some shopping Miley proves that she's not afraid to change things up a bit.

Miley sports red hair that is bright; yet rich in color and depth.

Edgy and Fierce

Who says Miley can't be edgy?

This swept-back and highlighted updo clearly proves otherwise!

Ready to Rock

At the 21st Annual Music Video Awards, Miley shows up ready to rock a brand new hair look.

This time, Miley goes much lighter than she has in the past, opting for soft blond waves with subtle highlights. The overall look is not only new, but fresh and current.

Miley and plenty of other famous celebs love the highlighted hair look. These pictures can help you determine which highlights are perfect for you.

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Pictures of Miley Cyrus Hair Styles