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Disconnected styles are just one of the latest cool haircuts for guys. If you want to take your style up a notch without trying too hard, consider these guy-friendly looks.

Unique and Cool Haircuts for Guys

If you want to stand out from the pack with your own unique haircut, you'll need to consider something that's cool. You can find plenty of design inspiration from rock musicians or Hollywood's hottest actors. Here's an inside look at a few classic cool haircuts for guys.


Think faux-hawk or pompadour and you have yourself a funky disconnected style. This cut combines classic tailoring with the versatility of the latest length trend. Disconnected cuts are easy to wear and offer a few styling options with the switch of a hair product such as a pomade or gel. With the addition of an allover color, a disconnected cut can create a very dramatic and dark statement. If you're aiming for cool, you can't reach much higher than that.


The Twilight saga and True Blood have inspired a new realm of dark and sexy men's hairstyles. Vampire-inspired cuts combine long layers with piecy cool smoldering looks. If your hair type is naturally wavy, grow out those curls and add some face flattering layers. With a bedhead cut, you can wash and go and look cool no matter what the hour is. With the addition of sexy hair color, including rich allover touch-ups or just a few subtle highlights, you can create a mysterious and moody new look. Go ahead and play in the grunge side of men's grooming.

Jersey Boys

You don't have to be a fan of this MTV' reality show to rock a classic Jersey haircut. Bring on the clippers and the hair gel for a Jersey style. If you have tight curls, a short crop is for you. Why not customize your look with a few lines on the side? Add some spikes with a gel or slick it to the side with a nice pomade for touchable and non-greasy waves. While Jersey-inspired cuts can be had at any barber shop, don't shy away from upscale salons for even better service. Not only will you get the complimentary scalp massage and royal treatment, you'll find yourself armed with suggestions for the right hair products for your slicked back style. Spend a little to gain a lot, and you've got classic Jersey boy attitude and hair.

Rocker Waves

No matter what the era is, the age, or the current hair trend, there will always be a coolness about classic rocker wavy haircuts. If you're stumped on what to do and have nothing but a headful of long and sloppy hair, get the shears and opt for layers and wear a rocker shag. Cool cuts always combine movement and texture. Without sacrificing length, you can wear a cut that is just 'bad boy' enough to get you noticed. Wash-and-wear layers work best on wavy hair types, but that doesn't mean pin-straight hair won't benefit from a rocker style. Instead of length, go for short cropped chunks for volume and edginess. Add a few highlights, and people are sure to keep guessing whether you sing lead or strum the acoustic.

Attitude Is Everything

As with all things in life, attitude is everything. Nothing says cool more than confidence. Whether you opt for a vamp, rocker or classic military haircut, there's no need to stifle your inner passions. With today's hottest products and a little creativity from your stylist, you can lead the cool pack.

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Cool Haircuts for Guys