Different Ponytail Style Pictures

Great Ponytail Options

You may have sported a ponytail when you were a little girl, but this is a great look for grown-ups too. There are plenty of ways to wear ponytails, whether you are going for a casual or elegant look or if your hair is any length between medium and super-long.

A side pony is a chic way to get the hair out of your face and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. Here, long side-swept bangs frame the face and create piecey texture.

Behind-the-Ear Side Pony

If your hair isn't quite long enough for a forward-swept side pony, or if you just want to keep your hair completely off your face, position your ponytail behind your ear for a similar look. This fun, playful look is a great option for casual activities and exercise.

Sporty Pony

There's no reason your pony has to look drab when you're heading off to the gym or to a yoga class, especially if your hair is wavy. This cute, sporty ponytail with side swept fringe and shiny waves is functional enough to stay put for your workout but still flirty enough that you won't mind being seen in public wearing it.

Super-Curly Pony

Super-curly hair also looks great in a ponytail style. This loose, pulled back look provides a great way to tame thick full tresses, whether you simply want to keep your hair out of your face or if you're trying to minimize the impact of humidity on your hairdo.

Double Ponytails

Why just sport one pony when you have wear two? A double pony evokes a cute cheerleader vibe that's perfect for lunch with friends, running errands, heading to the beach or working out. You can tweak the look by parting hair down the middle or on the side.

Smooth and Sleek

For a truly sophisticated and polished look, a long, super smooth ponytail is the perfect choice. To get this chic, formal look, simply pull hair back into medium high ponytail and run a flat iron over the tail. Finish with a spritz of shine spray for a pony that has a mirror-like finish.

Knotted Ponytail Look

Give your long, sleek ponytail a particularly elegant look by wrapping strands of your hair around the elastic band that holds it in place. This technique gives the illusion of your hair being tied in a knot.

Side Braids Leading to Pony

If you want to give your ponytail a unique twist, French braid the hair on both sides of your hair, angling back toward the crown of your head. Pull the loose ends and your remaining hair into a ponytail. This is a particularly good option for those whose bangs are not quite long enough to sweep back into a full ponytail.

Tiered Ponytail

A tiered ponytail is also a great option for those with long bangs, as well as those who have layered hair. For this look, sweep the shorter parts of your hair back with a clip or elastic band near the crown of your head, then pull lower hair into an elastic near the nape of your neck.

Short Ponytail

If your hair is medium length, you can sweep it up into a small, short ponytail for a casual or updo look. A medium length ponytail looks great positioned near the crown of the head, with tendrils falling naturally in piecey chunks.

Armed with Volume

For a trendy style that's perfect for running errands around town, drinks with the girls or even a date, a pony that's teased at the crown to add some height looks fresh and polished. For this look, simply back-comb hair at the roots of the crown area and leave out a few face-framing layers.

Formal Curled Ponytail

For your next black tie soiree, considering donning a formal ponytail, which looks every bit as sophisticated as an updo while still having a flirty edge. Curl the tail with a large barrel curling iron to create large, loose waves, then run a shine serum through curls to create a pony that looks formal enough for a wedding or cocktail party, but is still a bit playful.

Sweet Ponytail

If you're going for a more demure look or if you want to channel retro style, topping your favorite type of ponytail off with a ribbon is a special touch. Select a shade that coordinates with your outfit for a polished look.

Accessorize Your Ponytail

To add oomph to your everyday pony and dress it up for a party or formal occasion, add an accessory like a jewel-adorned bow or another great way to accessorize a ponytail. Adding a little dose of bling adds a glamor factor to an otherwise basic style and is perfect for parties or nights out.

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Different Ponytail Style Pictures