9 Children's Hairstyle Photos With Cute, Everyday Looks

Finding Children's Hairstyles


When you're stumped for hairstyle ideas for your kids, it helps to find visual inspiration either online or in the media. Nowadays, there are a variety of trendy cuts available for your little boy or girl that will continue to keep their locks feeling and looking fresh.

Classic Bob


A bob is a classic haircut for a boy or girl. Not only does it keep their hair neat and tidy, but it makes them look super cute by framing their face shape. You can also add in a childhood hair staple in the form of a full fringe for extra flair.

Simply Blunt


If you're looking for a fuss-free, simplistic hairstyle for kids, opt for a timeless blunt cut. Especially popular with girls, this style is best showcased with straight locks. It also works particularly well with fine hair as thick hair can look and feel even thicker when it has a straight edge instead of layers.

Sharp and Razored


For a contemporary take on the traditional scissor haircut, try a style with razored edges for your kids. Razoring hair allows it to taper off to a thinner peak, unlike with scissoring where it produces a blunter, chunkier aesthetic towards the ends. This cut is cool, distinctive, and seriously stylish.

Flipped End Surprise


Flipped ends are fabulously fun as a kids' hairstyle and give off major sixties vibes. For an instant style update on this retro do, request that your hairdresser incorporate a sassy side fringe or layers around the front to frame the face. If your kid wakes up one day and their ends aren't flipping, simply create the bend in a matter of seconds using straightening irons.

All One Length


If you're searching for a super low maintenance children's hairstyle, consider a look that's all one length. Designed to appear natural and carefree, it's the quickest cut a hairdresser can do and there are no worries about it growing out of style. However, avoid this style if your little boy or girl has thick tresses as this type of hair is more suited to layered cuts that will add movement and remove bulk.

Short and Easy


Easy to care for, a short child's haircut works well for kids who have a busy hairstyle or prefer a no-frills option. All they need to do is apply a bit of styling gel or cream to their locks after they've been shampooed in the shower and towel-dried -- and then they're good to go! Also, as a general rule, the shorter your kid has their tresses cut, the longer they can go in between haircuts.

Pretty, Long Layers


A versatile look for school or play, long layers produce a pretty, feminine aesthetic ideal for little girls. They can either wear their hair loose and tousled or pull it back into a chic ponytail for casual or smart casual events. Alternatively, they can create an elegant up-do for a special occasion to instantly become the belle of the ball.

Long Bob


The long bob puts a modern spin on the timeless bob haircut. It's essentially an extended version of the bob that's particularly popular with females. Incorporate one on your little girl and combine it with feathery bangs for a soft, fashionable look.

Rebellious Flicks


If you're looking for a haircut that's a bit more unique for your child, consider a layered version that you can style with fun flicks and/or edgy spikes. This is easily done with hair wax or paste to amp up the texture for a rebellious aesthetic that's all about the drama.

Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary hairstyles for kids, you can't deny that there are many to choose from in this day and age. Experiment with different options to find out what works for your pride and joy in terms of their skin tone, face shape, and hair color.

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9 Children's Hairstyle Photos With Cute, Everyday Looks